Returns after delivery

If you only realise after the delivery that you are unhappy with the quality, or that we've sent you the wrong item, please Customer Services Team on 01924 456 330 within 14 days of delivery so that we can either resolve your issue or facilitate your return.

We may ask for you to send us photos of any areas of damage or imperfection to offer you a suitable course of action.

You do not need to disassemble your product for our Sleep Team to collect. All we ask is that your unwanted item is returned in the condition it was received. Please be aware that there will be a collection and restocking charge of £99.

Returns will only be facilitated Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays at a time that suits our rolling delivery schedule. 


We will process your refund as soon as you let us know that you would like one or from the date that we receive your item back in stock.

Orders not yet delivered will be refunded within 7 days* of notification. We will refund your purchase price, excluding our administration fee of £49 per order.

Orders that have been delivered and returned will be refunded within 7 working days* that after we receive your return into stock. We will refund your purchase price, excluding our collection and restocking charge of £99 per order.

For security reasons, you will be refunded on the card or payment method that you used to place your order.

Failed deliveries

If you are not available in person to accept on the delivery day and 4-hour slot we have agreed with you, we reserve the right to charge a fee of £69 for redelivery. All redeliveries will respect our rolling delivery schedule, van capacity & availability in your local area. 

Will it fit?

We want to make sure that the piece of furniture we've handmade for you will fit into your home. So if you feel that access might be an issue and to avoid disappointment on your delivery day, we've pulled together this simple 2-step guide.

1. Product

Let's start with the bedroom furniture you are interested in ordering. Write down the dimensions of your chosen product.

Width (Wp):

Height (Hp):

Depth (Dp):

You can find these product dimensions on every product page. Remember that our beds, divans and ottomans are delivered in parts and assembled by our delivery experts in your room of choice. Legs are also attached on site.

In the past we have access difficulties with our winged headboards where the depth of the headboard is not fully understood. We can now assemble wings within the room of choice and will be discussed at the time of order confirmation.

2. Journey

2a. Front Door (or point of entry)

Firstly, can the furniture get through the door? Take the narrowest measurement of the inside of the doorframe and the height.

Width (Wd):

Height (Hd):

If the Wd is larger than the height of the product Hp or it's depth Dp, it will go through your front door.

If not, it may go in on its end. If the height of your doorway Hd is greater than the width of the product Wp, then the furniture will go through the point of entry.

2b. Hallway

Record the narrowest part of the hallway, including obstructions like radiators, pipework or any other potential obstacles that cannot be moved. Also, note the width of any internal doorways on the route to the room of choice.

The height of your chosen product Hp or its depth Dp needs to be less than these measurements.

Width (Wh1):

Internal door width (Wh2):

2c.  Stairways

Take the narrowest measurement Ws, which may be between railings. Also, take the shortest ceiling height, including landing head height.

Width (Ws):

Height (Hs):

As long as the width of the stairs Ws is greater than the height of your chosen product Hp, we should be able to get upstairs. If we need to lift the furniture over any bannisters, ensure the distance between the railings and ceiling is higher than the products depth Dp.

2d.  In the room

Get a feel for how your chosen furniture will fill the space. Mark out space on the floor with masking tape or newspaper. It's so much easier to see if you're happy with how big it looks in real life.

Contact us

Won't Fit? Don't worry, we can offer potential solutions and customisations based on your specific circumstances.

If you feel that access is a concern, we're only a phone call away. Please contact our Customer Services Team on 01924 456 330.