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Our Guarantees: Your Peace of Mind

We are committed to providing high-quality products that meet your expectations. To ensure your peace of mind, we offer two types of guarantees: a 5-Year Bed Guarantee and a 1-Year Wear and Tear Guarantee. It's important to familiarise yourself with the coverage, exclusions, and conditions of these guarantees to understand your rights as a valued customer.


5-Year Bed Guarantee: Protecting Your Purchase

Our 5-Year Bed Guarantee applies to beds, headboards, divan bases, ottoman bases, and blanket boxes purchased from October 1st, 2019 onwards. 

This guarantee safeguards your purchase against structural defects and manufacturing faults, offering you long-term protection. Please note that it does not cover fabric damage, deterioration, staining, accidental damage caused by misuse or product relocation, or any orders fulfilled through third parties.


1-Year Wear and Tear Guarantee: Upholstery and Moving Parts

For upholstery fabric, divan drawers, and drawer slides, we provide a 1-Year Wear and Tear Guarantee. This ensures protection against fabric defects and faults in moving parts or mattress foams for one year from the date of purchase. We want to ensure that your products deliver the utmost comfort and maintain their functionality.

Individual Product Guarantees for Mattresses

Each mattress at Sueno has an individual product guarantee, taking into account its varying durability and performance characteristics. While some mattresses provide a 5-year guarantee to cover structural defects and manufacturing faults, our more affordable options come with a 1-year guarantee. To determine the specific guarantee period for your mattress, please refer to the product page or contact our customer service team.


Additional Conditions and Exclusions

While we strive to offer comprehensive coverage, certain conditions and exclusions apply to our guarantees. These exclusions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Damage occurring to products outside the UK.
  2. Damage caused by misuse, abuse, or deliberate/wilful actions (incorrect moving of the product).
  3. Accidental damage or negligence by you or any third party.
  4. Improper assembly or storage of the product (e.g., in damp areas or direct sunlight).
  5. Cracking of wood due to extreme changes in room humidity or exposure to direct heat sources.
  6. Settlement of fillings, unless out of tolerance (min. 70mm).
  7. Water damage.
  8. Damage from pets.
  9. Incorrectly stored items i.e stored in damp or wet conditions, in orientation not as designed.
  10. Staining, excessive soiling, or dye transfer from non-colourfast materials.
  11. Bleaching and delamination caused by contact with hair and body products or cosmetics.
  12. Alterations or repairs carried out by anyone other than us.
  13. Failure to provide proof of purchase.
  14. Guarantees do not apply to commercial, business, or resale purposes, and we are not liable for any consequential loss, loss of profit, business interruption, or similar damages. Our liability is limited to the order value at the time of purchase.

Making a Claim: Easy and Efficient Process

If you need to make a claim under either guarantee, we aim to simplify the process for you. To register your claim, please email us with proof of purchase and photographs showing the full product and the area of concern. Upon receiving your claim, we will promptly acknowledge it and provide further instructions to assist you.

Please remember that our guarantees supplement your statutory rights as a consumer, which remain unaffected. For more information on your statutory rights, we recommend reaching out to your local Trading Standards Office or Citizens Advice Bureau.

We are dedicated to transparency and ensuring your satisfaction. We hope that our guarantees provide you with confidence in choosing our products and reassure you of our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service.