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Winter is coming...

It’s been a long, hot summer, but there’s no denying that now September’s coming to a close autumn is well and truly on its way. Cue misty breath on cold mornings, ice scrapers at the ready for the 8am commute, and mugs of steaming hot chocolate for the end of the day (slippers, onesie, and hot water bottle optional). One thing that shouldn’t be optional this autumn and winter though, is one of our luxury mattresses that will help ensure you sleep like a baby through the cold nights ahead. Here’s a little look at a few of our favourites…

Healthopaedic Merino Wool Pillow Top Mattress


You know how some words just ooze luxury and pure comfort? Well take a look at the name of this mattress, and you’ll see one major player right there – yep, we’re talking about ‘merino’. You usually find it on the labels of designer knitwear, but when something feels this good we see no reason why cardigans should get all the glory. This Healthopaedic mattress is special. Very special. With its merino wool mattress cover, it’s soft and sumptuous from the word ‘go’. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find it’s got much more to offer too; hypo-allergenic properties, an ‘air suspension 3000 pocket within pocket’ spring mechanism, and a medium level of comfort. Plus, it adapts to suit all body shapes and weights too. As far as luxury mattresses go, this one’s genius.

Healthopaedic Smartcell 3000 Mattress

smartcell 3000 divan bed

When you think of mattresses, the first thing to come into your head isn’t usually the word ‘technology’. Well, Healthopaedic mattresses clearly like to mess with our minds because the Healthopaedic Smartcell 3000 mattress is all wrapped up in technology. That’s mainly down to its ‘Smartcell Clima’ thermo regulating fabric. When you’re fast asleep without a care in the world, the smartcell fabric is working hard to whip away unwanted body heat to keep you feeling cool, and if things get a little too cool, it re-emits that heat so your body temperature is always at a constant. Yep, we think it’s pretty special too.

Sueno Silk 1000 FEPS Mattress


Now for our final mattress masterpiece. It’s the Sueno Silk 1000 FEPS mattress and in terms of luxury mattresses, it’s on another level. That’s because it features five layers that all combine to give you a mattress you’ll never want to get off. It starts with a non-slip base, then works up to the 1000 pocket FEPS. A 2.5” zero gravity foam comes next, then a ventilated border, and a silkanized micro quilted pad tops it all off. The effect is – excuse the pun – dreamy.

With luxury mattresses like these, it really doesn’t matter if the temperature’s plummeting this autumn and winter because you’ll be tucked up inside and sleeping soundly. Bring on the long cold nights we say!