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Guide to Pocket Spring Mattresses

Here's our basic guide to selecting the right pocket spring mattress for you.

When selecting a mattress we believe there are few basic factors that need to be considered. From our extensive research the most common method used currently when selecting a mattress seems to be based on the comfort level provided by the  manufacturer of the mattress;

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Firm
  • Hard 

There is a fundamental flaw in this system as there is no industry benchmark in terms of weight and build by which the comfort level is chosen. What Silentnight will term a medium feel mattress is not necessarily say the same feel as  a medium tension mattress supplied by Dreams. It is worth noting that a mattress which may feel firm for an 8 stone person is more than likely to feel medium to soft for somebody who say is 16 stone and above.

This brings us to the conclusion that the main points to consider when purchasing a mattress are:

  • Mattress fillings & how the mattress is finished give you the COMFORT LEVEL 

The actual support the springs provide is the most essential aspect to consider when looking to decide on the right mattress. Depending on the comfort layers used and how each mattress is finished  a 1000 pocket mattress can be made to feel the same as 2000 pocket mattress. Although this may feel great initially it is very unlikely it will provide correct spinal alignment and muscular support which are crucial for your well being.

All pocket spring mattress feel/comfort levels on our website are based on the feel for somebody of around a 12 -13 stone weight. The comfort levels on products which have memory foam as a comfort layer are always subjective. All good quality memory foam mattresses which are temperature sensitive products should adjust depending on your weight , body and room temperature. The warmer you and the surroundings are the softer the top layer will feel, the cooler your body and room temperature the firmer the top layer will be. 

Below is a list of our recommendations based on the type of pocket spring mattress you should be looking to buy based on your weight. The list is based on the minimum spring count required to give adequate support. Where possible we do recommend you buy a mattress with as high a pocket count as you can afford. The more springs you have better support, comfort and greater longevity of your mattress!









Up to 10 Stone

10  to 13 Stone

13 to 16 Stone

16 + Stone


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