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What do I do with my old furniture?

Sueno recognises the responsibility we all share to ensure a more sustainable, socially aware and environmentally-friendly community. The question we are trying to answer here is: "What do I do with my old bed or mattress after my new shiny model has arrived?".

The disposal of old should come with the hype or magic you experience at receiving something straight out of the box. How...

Let us introduce you to the Furniture Re-use Network.  The Furniture Re-use Network (or FRN) supports over 300 re-use charities that help out vulnerable people in a crisis. They also train 23,000 trainees, support 13,500 volunteers, and help 1 million low income households.

You can donate old furniture and electricals with peace of mind, knowing that they are going to be put to good use and changing lives at the same time. Out of the 10 million pieces of furniture that get sent to landfills, 30% (3 million!!!) can still be re-used to help people in a crisis. Rather than throw your items away, give them to a great cause!

For more information on how to either donate furniture & electricals or if you're in a bind and are looking for furniture & electricals please visit: Contact details can be found here:

Value Derived from Re-use in the UK (INFOGRAPHIC)

The FRN conducted a recent study into the value derived from re-use in the UK with some startling findings (Source: Furniture Re-use Network  - 2013/2014 figures - For the 2014-2015, please go to:   2013impact