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Upholstered Headboards

Anyone may be forgiven for thinking that divan beds offer great functional storage but this is at the expense of outwardly, aesthetic appeal. These opinions could be swaying respective consumers to look at more traditional bed frames even if such alternatives result in reduced storage availability in the bedroom. In this post we explore a variety of divan bed headboards that have recently been launched under the Sueno brand that deliver the best of both worlds, eye-catching style & bed storage functionality. 

As with Sueno, most reputable UK retailers offer & sell divan beds or divan bed bases without headboards. Reasons behind this are simple to understand. Our collective divan bed products satisfy the fundamental consumer requirement of added suitable storage space for bedrooms, guestrooms & children's rooms at the lowest possible prices. This is not to say that this economic focus comes at the expense of divan bed's material/build quality & comfort but purely support the high consumer demand for innovative storage solutions. 

Do you currently use a bed headboard? Do you think a divan bed without a headboard looks a little odd? Well not too worry...

Sueno's range of high-quality headboards are not only designed to finish off the divan bed but to change the way an entire bedroom looks & feels through great headboard design, easy-to-install features & warm-shaded, soft fabrics. These headboards become a prominent feature of any bedroom & instantly provides any divan bed with well-rounded, luxurious finish. Our headboards are compatible with any Healthopaedic divan bed but if you have an alternative divan bed  its worth giving Sueno a call to see if sizing's can be matched. 

Let's look at the headboards available from Sueno 

Regent Floor Standing Headboard

The Regent Floor Standing Headboard is inspired by the legendary Chesterfield sofa design. The headboard has a deep-padded upholstery finish & elegant styling that offers a glamorous touch to your bedroom. This headboard fits any divan bed base & is available in of selection of fabrics. The height of the Regent Floor Standing Headboard can be customised to match your individual requirements. The shade of fabric illustrated in the image below is 'aubergine chenille'. 


Swan Suede Headboard

This headboard is presented in an elegant sleigh design. The Swan Sued Headboard is deep-padded & fits easily on any of Sueno's Healthopaedic Divan Beds & is available in a choice of matching fabrics. 

Cubes Floor Standing Headboard 

The Cubes Floor Standing Headboard from Sueno is inspired by the legendary Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair. The headboard has a luxurious deep-padded upholstery finish & delivers a contemporary look to your divan bed & bedroom. The Cubes Floor Standing Headboard is easy to fit with any of our Healthopaedic divan beds & is available in a variety of materials & shades (view our fabric swatches below). The fabric shade represented below is the brown linen finish. 


Fabric Swatches (Suede & Chenille) Fabric samples are available upon request. Please call Sueno direct. We will be happy to support. 

We have further headboards & styles worth exploring on the Sueno website & we encourage you to consider divan beds in a new light. Functional can meet design.

CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: Our headboards are available separately from our divan beds. Each headboard will fit to any one of the Healthopaedic & Sueno divan beds available on this website.