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Upcoming launch of a brand new range...

You know how it goes… It’s June already, soon everyone will be saying Christmas is only XX weeks away, and before you know it, 2015 will be here and you’ll be wondering quite what happened to 2014. Life can hurtle past at a rate of knots, but once in a while breathing points come along. Time slows down a bit. A special occasion punctuates the ‘every day’, and offers something to look forward to, to break up the ‘sameness’ of the working weeks.


There’s just such a special occasion on the near horizon for Sueno, and we’re so thrilled about it, we’re making this announcement nice and early. Which is good of us really because it means you’ll be in the know before Mr and Mrs Jones next door are.

So, what’s all the fuss about then? Oh ok, seeing as you’ve asked so nicely…

As a company that specialises in luxury beds and luxury bedroom furniture that’s made in the UK, the Sueno team is always keen to stay at the forefront of technology and style, while still offering customers excellent value for money. You know that though don’t you? Ok, well what about this? -

We’re proud to say that we’re one of the country’s leading manufacturers of luxury beds, and distributors of quality brands like Frank Hudson and Kaydian. With our new range of upholstered beds soon to hit the market, we’re keeping it that way. New range you say? New range? Yes – a new range. A range of Sueno luxury beds that will make you want to ditch your old bed, chop it up, and take it to the tip – or be good and Freecycle it.

If you didn’t quite catch that bit above – let us just reiterate the point – we’ve got a new range of luxury beds coming out. Soon. Very soon. They’re good. Very good. Mr and Mrs Jones are going to love them.

So what can you expect from this exciting-but-still-hush-hush collection of beds?

Expect quality – and lots of it. Stylish upholstered beds crafted from quality materials with a ‘made in the UK’ label. We think they’ll be the best in the industry, and along with our excellent standard of service and support, we’re pretty sure you’ll find it hard not to fall in love with this new collection.

At the moment, our upholstered beds are very much under wraps, but we’re happy to take enquiries from interested customers. So, if you’d like to be first in line to find out about this prestigious new collection, please get in touch with the team on 01924 456330.

What we can say is that the collection is very close to being launched, and we’re confident it is going to be really well received by both industry figures and customers alike. If truth be told, we’re finding it increasingly difficult to keep shtum about this… we promise we'll let the cat out of the bag soon... just watch this space!