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Unusual Sleeping Spots Around The World

We always consider comfort as the main focus of our whole bed collection, with a good night’s sleep so important to being at 100%, it’s vital that where you get your zzzzs is somewhere to fully relax and then serenely drift off. However, across the globe there are beds that are a million miles away from the conventional Sueno bed! With this in mind, we’ve picked out five of our favourites for you to enjoy.

Perilously hanging

Sleeping on portaledges at 900 metres

In 2015 Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell became the first people to free-climb the notoriously tough Dawn Wall of El Capitan in California’s Yosemite national park. The epic route took 18 days, and the duo were forced to sleep on portaledge sleeping platforms secured by a z-pulley system. On their healing, eating and sleeping stops during this 900 metre climb, these beds hung, often blowing vulnerably in the wind. It certainly looks exciting, but imagine waking up with a sheer rock face beneath you; terrifying!

A night behind bars

Sleeping in Slovenia Behind Bars

A night in a cell is not something we’d normally advocate, but in Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, it’s actively encouraged at Hostel Celica. Formerly a military prison, its 20 cells are now modern, minimalist youth hostel rooms, each decorated in an individual style. Lonely Planet have named it ‘hippest hostel’, and were it not for the somewhat menacing grates on the windows and doors, you’d forget its history.

Ice to see you

Sleeping under more than the stars

Go to sleep with the Northern Lights twinkling above you, warm and cosy in a winter wonderland. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it, but the glass igloos at Finland’s Kaklauttanen Artic Resort offers a truly idyllic experience, 250km north of the Article Circle. For those who are feeling extra hardy against the cold, there’s even the option of staying a night in a snow igloo, wrapped up against the elements in a down sleeping bag.

Locked in for a sleeping session

Become a sardine and sleep in a capsule

Have you ever fancied sleeping in a pod, squeezed in like a sardine? Well ever since its opening in 2014, that option has been available at ninehours hotel at Tokyo’s Narita Airport. It gives you the chance to squeeze in either an overnight stay, or a shorter couple of hours kip while waiting for a flight. These pods come complete with a ‘Sleep Ambient Control System’ that gently wakes the sleeper by a gradual adjustment in the capsule’s lighting. We can’t work out whether we’d be able to sleep or if the experience would be a little too claustrophobic and sci-fi.

Back to the future 

Serene Sleeping without a mattress

If you’re someone who thrives on serenity and peace when you’re sleeping, then this one’s for you. Although the wooden beds don’t have mattresses, and there’s no electricity or home comforts, the Kolarbyn Ecolodge in Sweden’s beautiful Bergslagen Forest offers a chance to become immersed in nature. Stay in one of the 12 forest huts available and a sheepskin rug on top of a sleeping bag will keep you snug if the temperature drops, not to mention the roaring open fire. It’s a cosy one for those who are willing to go off the beaten track, especially with its title of ‘Sweden’s most primitive hotel’!