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Trend of the Month: Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern interior design took the world by storm after the popular Netflix series Mad Men filled our screens with leather arm chairs, mahogany coffee tables and potent old fashioned cocktails. But where did the trend come from, and why is it so popular today?

How Mid-Century Modern Started

The trend began around the middle of the 20th century, really taking off at the end of World War II. Adapted from Modernism – a movement that valued functionality over beauty, mid-century modern re-introduced elegance and comfort to utilitarian furniture, without overcomplicating with ornate details. Designs would often incorporate new materials such as glass, metal and vinyl, creating simple and affordable pieces for everyday homes.

Why is Mid-Century Modern Still Popular?

Mid-Century Modern’s staying power as a stable interior design trend is testament to it’s elegant yet affordable principles. Interior design became simple, comfortable and achievable for every income. Mid-Century modern has become as classic a red lipstick or a little black dress, and classic style doesn’t just disappear at the emergence of a new fad.   Mid-Century Modern style is easy to replicate for interior and furniture brands and companies from Ikea to Etsy have a multitude of products that fit with the theme. All of these things, combined with the love many people have for vintage inspired pieces, all add up to a wildly successful trend.

How to Achieve Mid-Century Modern in Your Own Home

One of the main benefits of mid-century modern is that it’s easy to incorporate the style into your own home. Working with open spaces, clean lines and neutral tones keeps things simple and easy to update as tastes change. Achieve the look in your bedroom with a neutral colour palette and accents of varnished wood and glass. Choose a simple headboard design, like the Plain Upholstered Headboard from Sueno, and keep things simple with a functional yet elegant beside table.  

Essential Items for Mid-Century Modern Interiors

  • Classic armchairs
  • House plants
  • Wooden tables
  • Geometric prints

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