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Translating IKEA Mattress & Beds Sizes

Have you recently gone to a UK IKEA store and purchased a bed frame thinking that it would be compatible with standard UK mattress sizes only to find that your mattress at home is either too big or too small for your new IKEA bed base or visa versa?

IKEA sells beds & mattresses in the UK that are standard within E.U. countries, often referred to as Continental Mattress & Bed sizes. This means that any IKEA double bed/mattress at does not match the exacting dimensions of a UK standard double mattress/bed. This can be said for all continental mattress & bed types.

No need to pull out the tape measure to see what dimensions your IKEA bed or mattress is. The tables below will give you all you need.

Continental Beds & Mattresses – SIZE GUIDE

Bed & Mattress Types Bed & Mattress Dimensions (cm) Closest Equivalent in Imperial (feet/inches)
Single Width 90cm x 190cm Width 2’9.5” x Length 6’2.3”
Single Long Width 90cm x 200cm Width 2’9.5” Length 6’5.6”
Single Extra Long Width 90cm x 220cm Width 2’9.5” Length 7’2.2”
Euro Double Width 140cm x 200 cm Width 4’5.9” Length 6’5.6”
Euro Double Long Width 140cm x 220cm Width 4’5.9” Length 7’2.2”
Euro King Width 160cm x 200 cm Width 5’2.5” Length 6’5.6”
Euro King Long Width 160cm x 220 cm Width 5’2.5” Length 7’2.2”
Euro Super King Width 200cm x 200 cm Width 6’5.6” Length 6’5.6”
Euro Super King Long Width 200cm x 220 cm Width 6’5.6” Length 7’2.2”


Whether you’re too big or too small on your IKEA purchase or you have a bespoke mattress or bed size requirement, SUENO can help! SUENO offers custom-sized mattresses & divan beds manufactured with the same quality materials, craftsmanship & performances you receive with all our standard UK bed & mattress products. SO if you are interested in an IKEA-sized Smartcell 3000 double mattress, SUENO can deliver! ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS CONTACT OUR SALES STAFF TO DEFINE YOUR REQUIREMENT. Easy, Simple & Fast!


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