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The Tour de France meets our Tour de Lits

The flash of Lycra. The thrill of the chase. The sound of all those spokies thundering along the roads. (Chris Froome doesn’t have spokies? Missing. A. Trick). Yep, here at Sueno we’re still revelling in the joys that the Tour de France brought into our neck of the woods (Yorkshire FYI). It got us thinking (but don’t worry, we’re not going to get all deep and meaningful). This year, the route is taking in some great UK hotspots to name a few, Hebden Bridge, Sheffield & heading south to Cambridge as the peloton approaches the Capital.


Because we’re more in the business of luxury beds as opposed to bikes, we thought we’d weave our blog-writing magic and bring you 'Le Tour de Lits'. Yes, scour the darkest recesses of your mind for that long-forgotten, never-used GCSE French and you’ll remember the word ‘lit’ means ‘bed’ in French. Mais oui! Still with us? Good. So, here’s our Tour de Lits celebrating the cyclists travelling through the UK. Quite simply, we've picked out three luxury beds from our french bed collection and chosen which of the above places on this year's TDF route they belong.

Hebden Bridge

It’s got hippies. It had Ted Hughes. According to Wikipedia, it’s the lesbian capital of the UK. Pretty good going for a town with a population of 4200. This place clearly has ideas above its station – we like that. So Hebden Bridge, your bed for the Tour de Lit is this – the Frank Hudson Louis XV bed. Hand carved in solid mahogany, need we say more? No, but we’re going to because it really is rather special. It’s available in three finishes – blonde antique, Georgian brown, and rich mahogany, and it features a hand woven cane headboard. We think you’ll agree it’s not often you come across that level of detail and craftsmanship.


We’re on to the next stop -


The home of Pulp, Human League, Arctic Monkeys... and some steel. Nope, we’re not going to give Sheffield the honour of a bed made from Kee Klamp (we don’t do that sort of thing at Sueno). However, we’re giving Sheffield - the city of steel - a bed that hints at its steel heritage. It’s the Frank Hudson Alexandria bed. Like the Louis XV bed, this one’s also available in three finishes, but it’s the silver leaf version that gives it that chic steely grey look that’s perfect for industrial Sheffield. Add the hand carved cane head and footboard, and scroll detail on the solid mahogany it’s well worthy of the yellow jersey.

frank hudson alexandria bed


Tell us we’re stereotyping, but if our luxury beds are going to fit right in anywhere on this Tour de Lits, it’s going to be in Cambridge. All those grand university buildings, studious types on bikes, and money-can’t-buy house prices. Just perfect for our Frank Hudson Monique bed n’est ce pas? With its ivory paint finish, this gorgeous Frank Hudson piece has an elegant French Renaissance feel to it. It's ideal for one of those grand Cambridge houses with bedrooms painted in Farrow & Ball.