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Tidying Techniques for a Calm Home

When you have a calm home, a calm mind comes more naturally. At Sueno, we feel that it’s so much easier to drift off to sleep when your home is neat and organised. Therefore, we put together our top tidying techniques to bring some zen into your home.

Daily Jobs

Create a list of quick tidying jobs to do every day that will keep your home nice and neat, and stick to it! The list must be realistic to ensure you do get through each little task every day. Eventually it will become second nature. Things like loading the dishwasher as you use things, wiping down the worktops, watering the plants, and cleaning the bathroom sink are all super quick jobs that will make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home. No more stressing out about having no clean forks!

Clever Storage

If you find that there is a cupboard or shelf that always seems chaotic, it may be time to add some clever storage compartments. Cupboard storage compartments can be found online or in most hardware shops, and adding baskets and staging to a cupboard can make things much easier to find. A basket for your spices, a section for oils and condiments, you’ll never need to take everything out of the cupboard to find that one small jar of oregano again.


Get on top of your laundry by rotating your bedding and towels. As soon as you take your bedding off, put it straight in the wash and then into your blanket box to be put on the next week. The same goes for towels, as soon as you put your towels in the washing machine, there will be a clean set waiting for you in the cupboard. Domestic bliss! You can even match your bedroom storage to your bed with our furniture sets, or make use of the space under your bed with our built-in storage frames.

A Place for Everything

If you’re prone to loosing keys, or can never find that one jacket, deciding on a specific place for each item can really help. Adding a dish or a hook near the door for your keys and getting into the habit of putting them there as soon as you get in will go a long way to removing that Monday morning panic. It is also important to ensure you have enough coat and shoe storage where you need it. There’s nothing worse that piles of unorganised shoes.

Now, take a deep breath and relax! Your home is back to its tranquil state. After all, if we can’t relax at home, where can we? Do you have any tips on keeping your home calm and organised? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!