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The ULTIMATE pocket spring design.

The 3000 Air Suspension pocket spring mattress design from Highgate Beds is the ultimate in pocket spring design and quality. The pocket spring system used in these mattresses offers unrivalled support by contouring with your body and offering the right support exactly when and where required. Individual pocket springs are arranged in nested rows alternated with smaller suspension pocket springs. This design offers progressive lumbar support where the larger standard springs take the initial body impact and the smaller springs support any further overload. The larger spring remains responsive and soft while the smaller suspension pocket springs provide extra support. The 3000 Air Suspension pocket spring mattress range is an ideal solution for couples of different build, weight and length by remaining perfectly balanced and eliminating any mattress roll. In addition the smaller springs allow for an air passage through the mattress which aids the mattress to breathe and work similar to the suspension systems fitted on many modern cars.

Air Suspension 3000 mattress designAir Suspension 3000 mattress design


All mattresses are available in standard sizes however custom sizes can also be accommodated.

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