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Surviving Daylight Savings

LiveScience have reported that on the first day of daylight savings there are more traffic and workplace accidents, heart attacks and suicides but researchers have no idea why it happens.

Here are some TOP TIPS to help you combat the risks of daylight savings:

1. Plan ahead

In the days leading up to the change, start going to bed 10 minutes early each night and getting up 10 minutes earlier every morning. If you do this for 6 days you will have already adjusted to the hour difference.

2. Open the curtains

Exposing yourself to sunlight every morning will help reset your internal clock. Sadly sunshine is not guaranteed every morning in the UK so cloudy sky exposure may have to suffice.

3. Turn off the lights

Avoid exposure to light in the evenings by dimming the lights and turning off the TV early.

4. Workout earlier

Experts say you should try and get your workout in before 5pm, unfortunately this may mean heading to the gym before work instead of after. Research shows that exercising late in the day can keep you awake longer.

5. Avoid naps

As hard as it maybe be, try and stay awake during the day so that you can go to sleep on time at night. That means no napping during Eastenders!! Now there's some handy advice from the team @ Sueno. Daylight savings aside, if you feel that you are not getting the right amount of sleep or comfort from your existing mattress, we are here to help. We have a great range of memory foam mattresses & pocket spring mattresses to choose from, all at the lowest price on the web.