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How to start a business from your bedroom

January is the month of motivation. A time to make your tomorrow plans today’s goals, to grasp life by the horns and say yes more and no less!

Use this New Year as the perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean and get your teeth into that business idea which you’ve not quite launched yet.

Every idea is a great idea, some ideas may just require a little more work than others, so don’t feel disheartened if you suddenly hate your business idea. Spend some more time thinking about what it is that you dislike about your idea, carry out your research and figure out a way to improve it.

Starting a business from your bedroom can be challenging and overwhelming, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. You get to become your own boss and that comes with a range of exciting perks!

When working from your bedroom, here are top tips to make it a success!

Make a schedule

When you work from home it can be difficult to stay focused on your work and to not become side-tracked by the TV, friends visiting or a spot of casual afternoon napping (especially if your office is in your bedroom).

Make a strict work schedule and ensure that you stick to your schedule to stay focused on the work at hand and to gain daily job satisfaction from achieving daily goals.

Kerri Gois, Marketing Manager at BroadbandSearch offers her advice on working from home and why sticking to a schooled is vital for productivity.

‘‘When I work from home, I treat it just as if I was going into the office. I wake up and get dressed in my business attire and keep myself on a schedule like someone working an office would be on. The typical work day is from 8am-5pm. During that time, I try and stay completely focused on my job.

I do not let friends come by or go out and run errands. Lastly, I try and make trips into the real office at least once every other month. This is important to stay up-to-date on the various things going on.’’

Don’t become isolated

A lot of entrepreneurs who work remotely often complain that it can be lonely. When you work in an office surrounded by your co-workers it can become a large part of your social life, especially if you take part in a lot of work socials and team building events. If you do work from home, chances are you either work by yourself or your business partner and/or team work from their homes too. This can make your home office a pretty lonely place to be.

Therefore, ensure to meet with clients when you can, meet a friend for lunch and attend as many networking events as you can, maybe even a business class?

Christoper Hawkins, founder and Managing Consultant at Coeian Systems started his business from home 15 years ago and didn’t occupy actual office space for the first 8 years. He advises that becoming isolated can have a negative effect on your mental health and productivity.

He says. ‘‘Don’t isolate yourself. Get out of the home office every so often. Meet with clients on-site. Go to lunch with a peer or a pal. Attend professional meetups or events. Isolation has proven to be bad for the human psyche, and your emotional state will impact your ability to work effectively.’’

Always get dressed for work

Although it may be very tempting to stay cosy in your slipper and pjs, especially on a wet, cold Monday morning, physiologically it is harmful for your productivity. There’s no need to dress up every day in a snappy, expensive get-up suit or dress, but showering and putting on smart clean clothes will help your mind feel readier to work.

Pick a dedicated work space

Rather than occasionally working from the dining table and sometimes working form the couch, set yourself up a professional working area filled with everything which you will need, such as a desk, laptop, paper, pens etc. If you’re short for space and can’t afford to make one room in your home an office, pick a corner of your bedroom or living room. Ensure that nothing that could potentially distract you is within reach, such as a TV. You could even make sure to face your desk, so your back is facing the TV to prevent any distraction.

Also, try to choose a room in your house which gains a lot of natural light with windows and views of the outdoors. This can help you to work more productively.

Set normal working hours

If you work in an office, you’re likely to have normal working hours, such as 9am-5pm. If you work from home, you won’t have anyone telling you what time you need to start work or what time you should clock out, which can be liberating and dangerous. One lie in could lead to always starting work late and for many busy entrepreneurs as there’s so much to get done and such little time, it can be tempting to keep working until way into the night.

Set yourself normal working hours, they don’t have to be 9am-5pm, they could be more convenient for your lifestyle but try to make them the same for each day you work. Let family members and friends know this time so they don’t show up unannounced and allow yourself to work like you would at an office in between these hours and to take breaks like normal.

Ami Miller, owner of Steppingstone LLC, offers her advice on setting working hours and the dangers of failing to do so.

‘Keep personal errands/activities under control. Yes, the beauty of working from home is you have flexibility to do a mid-day laundry flip or to volunteer at your child's school once a week or whatever strikes your fancy. But you still must get your work done and you have to be focused in order to get it done. If you do personal errands during typical working hours, keep track of the time so you know where your time is going, and so you can make it up. I also find it helpful to get up early (before my family is up) to clear email and do some work while I am fresh.’’

Keep your home clean and organised – especially your working area

There’s nothing more distracting than a messy home. It can be very difficult to feel positive and motivated when your surroundings are making you feel glum. Add in plenty of plants, make the room as light as possible and ensure it’s kept clean and tidy, especially during your normal working hours.

If you will be working from your bedroom, always make your bed, open the curtains and let in fresh air. This will make you feel much more focused.

We hope you’ve found this blog post useful. Good luck to any entrepreneurs launching your business this month!