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Spotlight on: Healthopaedic Smartcell 3000 Divan Bed

No it’s not the latest rocket from NASA, it is, in fact, one of our best selling beds here at Sueno. So forget hurtling through the skies towards space, bobbing up and down in zero gravity, and looking out for little green men, and turn your attention to an altogether more comfortable experience, back on planet earth. A bed, a mattress, and award-winning technology, all wrapped up in a package that starts at just £390. We hope you’ll agree, that’s a pretty good deal. But to convince you totally, here’s everything you could ever possibly want to know about our Healthopaedic Smartcell 3000 divan bed.

Award-winning technology

When you use something every day, you want it to be great quality. With this bed, you’re assured of that. The mattress itself is a bit of a show-off. For starters, there are the 3000 air suspension pockets which sit within a framework of more pockets, to make sure your body is supported whatever your shape and size. Then there’s the premium v60 memory foam topper which is coated in ‘Smartcell Clima’ thermo-regulating fabric to help keep your body at a comfortable temperature. If you’ve never had the pleasure of sleeping on memory foam, believe us, you’ll never look back. It’s a feeling that mixes great support with ultimate comfort, and there’s really no beating it.


What’s more, the mattress requires no turning, which as anyone who’s had to haul a king-size mattress about on their own will surely testify, is a very good thing indeed. Lastly, there’s the fact this mattress has been made using hypoallergenic materials to ensure an allergic response is unlikely. So put away those tissues.


With 28 colours to choose from and a choice of different finishes, you can indulge your inner stylist, and put your own stamp on our Healthopaedic Smartcell 3000 divan bed. Inject a splash of colour into your bedroom with Teal Linen, or keep it classic with a faux brown leather finish.

Plus, if you fancy adding extra style, and even more comfort, you can pick a headboard to match your new bed. Our headboards are floor-standing, so they’re nice and sturdy, and you can choose to have them upholstered in a fabric of your choice from the 28 colours listed.


‘Practical’ may not be the sexiest of words, but we prefer our beds to match style with substance. That’s why, for a little extra, you can choose to have your divan bed base with added drawers for easy storage. This makes our Healthopaedic Smartcell 3000 divan bed perfect for homes that need to make maximum use of space available.


The Healthopaedic Smartcell 3000 Divan Bed is MADE FOR YOU!

When you’ve made your choice and placed your order, we’ll get our talented team busy making your bed in our workshop. That’s right, your bed will be made just for you and will be ready for dispatch within 3-7 days, so you’ll be sleeping soundly in no time.

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