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The Historic But Contemporary Sleigh Bed

As it creeps closer to Christmas, the only sleigh that the majority of us are thinking about is one that is driven by a man who lives at the North Pole, and is pulled by Reindeer. Here at Sueno, we think a little differently, and wanted to talk about one of our favourite bed designs, the iconic Sleigh Bed.

History of the Sleigh

Today the smooth, curved lines of a sleigh bed are those that bring a level of decadence and comfort to a bedroom, and this is something that stems from its origins in the Roman Empire. It was an aesthetic that came to prominence in the 19th century, when the Neoclassical furniture trend of the ‘Empire Style’ was popular in both the United States and France.

It was even suggested that Napoleon was such a big fan of this design, that he demanded all of his beds were made this way, constructed from luxurious imported hardwoods, such as mahogany and that this was a catalyst for the Sleigh’s successful rise.  It became a status symbol in Britain during Victorian times, with the bed’s ends designed to pay homage to an ancient scroll, with curved, or scrolled ends becoming more common, the concept of the sleigh bed came to life.

Since then, a multitude of materials and designs have been used to bring this classic design into the modern day, and we have picked out three of our favourites for you.

Stanhope Chesterfield Bed

  Sueno Stanhope Chesterfield Sleigh

Combining two of furniture’s favourite designs, the Sleigh bed and the Chesterfield sofa, this is a beautiful bed, fit to grace any bedroom. With hand-crafted detail at its core, alongside the vestiges of ancient Rome, it manages to offer both contemporary style and a taste of history. A solid hardwood frame, combined with hand-buttoned detailing, and the comfort of a fine selection of fabrics, make this new take on the Sleigh design a perfect long term option.

Brahms Upholstered Bed

Sueno Brahms Sleigh Bed

With an elegant, subtle design, that echoes shades of its classical composer namesake, the Brahms Upholstered Bed offers a fresh perspective on the classic sleigh design. It stays true to form in its stature, with a solid hardwood construction central to its shape. While, its stained dark black tone feet are scrolled to echo the American Sleigh style.

Added weight and comfort is brought to life by a chunky, curved head and footboard, coupled with intricate hand-stitched detail on stunning fabrics. This offers a lovely fresh new perspective to a classic aesthetic.

Stanhope Studded Bed

Sueno Chesterfield Studded Sleigh Bed

Studded detail buttoning brings this stunning Sleigh bed to life, and adds another dimension to a classic design.  Hand-crafted quality, combined with a choice of the finest fabrics, make this the perfect addition to your bedroom. Hardwood construction is an essential part of the design, especially when paired up with beech sprung slats, sat on dark black toned feet. All in all, the Stanhope Studded Bed is a statement piece for your home.

So, that’s three of the finest, comfiest and iconic Sleigh design beds that we have in the Sueno collection. Each offering a slightly different take on the classic Sleigh, and each, we believe, Napoleon would be a fan of. He was a man small on stature, but truly huge on ideas.