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Six Traditional Interiors that are Making a Come-Back

Traditional interiors are making a come-back as we see more and more timeless trends reappearing on the shelves. Get the classic look in your own home with our top six traditional design trends.

Copper & Gold

Copper and gold have seen a huge come-back in the past year and we are beginning to see metallic details in all areas of the home. Metallics are one of those design trends that are beautiful when done right. However, going overboard with metallic shades can look garish, so opt for subtle details and embellishments to keep the look elegant. Marlon Heimerl from shared his opinion on how to best use metallic in the home;

“The best part about gold as a trend: it can be paired with other trends - gold geometric, gold industrial, gold globes, and more. It also pairs with antique finishes or sleek, modern design.”

So, whether your home is modern or traditional, metallic details can add a regal touch to your décor.

Edison Bulbs

Popular in the 20th century, the original Edison lightbulb is very much in. Categorised by its visible wound filament, Edison bulbs have been recreated for today’s market and are often seen dangling from ceilings in trendy cafes and bars. Add Edison bulbs to your home with stylish bedside lamps and team with an open metallic light shade to nail two trends in one!

Jewel Colours


In contrast to the rise in popularity of minimalism, jewel tones are making a lively come-back and are seen to be adding a hint of opulence to the home. Go bold with our vibrant Ella Upholstered Headboard in teal or add a hint of elegance with emerald or ruby accessories.

Chloe Smith, Founder & Creative Director of Forty8Creates, highlights jewel shades in her forecast of 2017 interior trends;

“2017 focuses on bold, jewel toned colours, and overstated faux patterns - which seemed to fall out of favour over the years for minimalism.”

Bold colour can be difficult to do well, but now is very much the time to be brave. Look out for statement pieces like sofas and headboards and tie the room together with soft furnishings and accessories.


Wallpaper has seen a rise in popularity in 2017 and with all the new takes on the traditional style, you’re sure to find one to suit your décor. The modern trend has moved towards adding a statement wall to your living room or bedroom, rather than overwhelming the room by using the pattern on every wall.

“One traditional element worth noting that's making a big comeback in 2017 is wallpaper. Today, it's updated in fresh colours and prints that will make a stunning statement in any home. Use it as an accent on a single wall to keep interiors from feeling outdated.” - Christine Villanueva at LuxeDecor



Green was the colour of choice in the 1940s and although we are all thankful that the days of avocado bathroom suites are over, a modern take on green has now emerged. Pantone announced Greenery as their colour of the year and, being the authority on colour that they are, inspired a mass trend towards the fresh shade appearing everywhere we go. To implement the trend in your own home, add a hint of green to your décor or accessorise your home with plants. Why not combine two classic trends and opt for an emerald shade?

Stained Glass

Traditionally used in churches, museums and high-end homes, stained glass is becoming popular once again. Stained glass windows are a beautiful feature in the home and we have also started to see stained glass being used elsewhere. Having original stained glass windows in the home is a rarity, but you can still achieve the look using accessories such as bowls and light shades.

Whether its metallic details or jewel tones that catch your eye, we hope this blog post has inspired you to recreate some of these traditional looks in your own home. Have any ideas for creating a classic look in the home? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!