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Having Sleeping Problems?

Do you feel relaxed and rejuvenated when you wake up each morning? There are a variety of reasons why you may not be feeling as well as you should. Could it be stress? Your health? Your diet? Your location? Or maybe its the poor support and sleeping positions your current mattress is providing? In this post we look into problems associated with insufficient mattress support and poor sleeping positions.

Do you suffer from?

Headache / Stiff Neck -

Poor sleeping posture can often aggravate neck muscles, causing tension and headaches. Pain and stiffness also occur due to improper support of the neck during sleep.

Fibrositis -

This is a common condition, which can be aggravated by improper sleeping position, increasing the likelihood of morning stiffness, fatigue, headaches and tension.

Shoulder & Arm Pain -

These are often caused by pressure on the joints when the head and torso are not properly supported. The pressure results in fluid being compressed around the joints, leading to inflammation, numbness and pain.

Back Pain -

This is one of the most common health problems, caused by either the shoulders or hips lifting and twisting the spine, and compressing the disks, Back muscles attempt to compensate for this and, as a result, are unable to relax. Pain and stiffness occur and problems such as sciatica and hip pain are aggravated.

Circulatory Problems -

Unnatural sleeping positions can often restrict the flow of blood to some areas of the body. This can lead to swelling in the arms, legs, hands and feet, and sometimes pain and numbness in these areas.

Rheumatoid Arthritis -

A common condition where joints in the body become inflamed, leading to swelling, pain and stiffness. It can be worsened by unnatural sleeping positions placing pressure on the joints during the night.

Knee Pains -

Knee joints are often vulnerable to pressure, particularly when sleeping on your side. They become inflamed and lead to aches and pains the following day.

Insomnia -

This is often caused by discomfort during the night, due to stiffness and pain caused by an unsupported mattress.

Our Research

Our principle mission at Sueno is to offer you with the best possible start to the day. A good nights sleep. We achieve this through the products we manufacture and distribute. We have spent a lot of time in research and development producing mattress innovation that maximise comfort and support reduce the potential risk of sleeping problems. The images below indicating the pressure point differences between a standard mattress on the LEFT and a highly supportive mattress and the RIGHT. The less pressure the less strain on your body resulting in an improved environment for sound sleep.

Mattress Pressure Points

Our Healthopaedic Mattress Solution

Since the 60's, NASA’s technology has since been adapted to create products that provide essential support and relief from pressure, and this is the key to how a Healthopaedic mattress ensures you enjoy a comfortable, pain-free and restful nights sleep.

Visco Elastic Memory Foam

Our Healthopaedic mattresses will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated each morning - the best possible start to the day. Furthermore, because one of it’s key features is innovative Visco Elastic Memory Foam, a healthopaedic mattress will always return to it’s original shape, ready to welcome you again. And with better sleep, all night, every night, you’ll feel healthier, all day, every day.


Feeling of Weightlessness -

Made from material called Visco Elastic Memory Foam, a Healthopaedic mattress reacts to the weight and temperature of your body by moulding to it’s shape - it is yielding, yet not too soft. Because this compressed shape is retained without creating counter pressure, you enjoy a feeling of weightlessness that enables you to rest.

Malleable Material -

A Healthopaedic mattress distributes body weight and pressure over it’s surface, in addition to providing neck and back support, it responds to your every movement whilst still giving excellent lumbar support and uninterrupted slumber.

Heat Sensitivity -

As mentioned, Visco Elastic Foam is designed to react to your body temperature. When cool the foam is rather firm, but once warmed by the body temperature it becomes more flexible, moulding to your body shape and easing you into a restful nights sleep. In addition, it has an open cell structure that allows air to flow freely, thereby helping maintain a constant mattress temperature.

Reduce Need to Turn & Toss -

Research has shown that, due to discomfort caused by pressure points, an average person changes sleeping position between 85 and 95 times a night. Because the Healthopaedic mattress distributes body weight evenly, it relieves pressure and reduces tossing and turning by up to 80%. Which means just 15 or so position changes.

Breathable & Non-irritating -

The Healthopaedic mattress is made from material that is breathable and non-irritating, which assists in moving moisture away from the body to promote comfortable sleep.

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