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Ottomans go to war against 'STUFF'

Hands up who’s got too much stuff?! Oh come on, we’re all guilty of it. Clothes we daren’t part with even though they're now (sigh) two sizes too small, keepsakes that remind you of a certain time and place but aren’t actually that pleasant to look at, or letters from the time people actually sent letters (when was that? 1997?). We accumulate ‘stuff’ at a rate of knots, so it’s great when a product comes along that’s both hugely useful and extremely comfortable too. That product is the Ottoman Bed.

Ottomans. They’re those large chests your Gran probably had on the landing or at the end of her bed. They were more than likely packed full of thick woolen blankets, hot water bottles and – if you had a really posh Gran – an electric blanket. These days, the designers are getting a little more cunning, and they’ve come up with the ottoman bed. It combines two household necessities in one… and here at Sueno, we’ve got two of these ottoman divan beds that do us – and the designers - proud.

For real hoarders, and those of us with kids who love a good hiding place, there’s the Sueno Ottoman bed ( It’s got two spacious compartments which are each accessed by two gas lift struts – so they’re raised up with no effort at all. It’s exactly the same size as standard divan beds but – and this is its major USP right here – it offers four times the storage space. So, like we said, it’s great for all the hoarders out there – or for those who live in a house where space is at a premium. Here’s a little round-up of why this bed is the business…

  1. Easy access storage space
  2. Same size as a standard divan bed
  3. Contemporary and stylish in design (including cool chrome bed legs
  4. Available in a range of colours to suit your own style
  5. Prices start from just £299 and include big savings off the RRP

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The second bed, the Sueno Half & Half Ottoman bed ( offers something a little bit different. It’s the bed for those of us who like choices. One day we might want full fat milk in our latte, another we’ll go semi-skimmed. It’s the bed for those of us who are apt to change their mind – and we’re celebrating that! The Sueno Half & Half Ottoman bed has one large ottoman compartment at the end of the bed, while the top half has a divan drawer tucked away underneath. This bed knocks our socks off because it's -

  1. Great for storing a whole range of ‘stuff’ and keeping items separate and easy to find
  2. Prices start at just £299
  3. Available in a huge choice of colours so you can add your own personal touch
  4. The ottoman is accessed by a ‘lid’ that is fitted with two gas strut lifts so it’s super-easy to open
  5. Store items you need daily in the drawer so you don't need to do any lifting.

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We think you'll agree, here at Sueno, we've well and truly won the war against stuff. (Cue victorious laugh). Now, it's time for a coffee... full fat or semi-skimmed? Hmmm... decisions, decisions.