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Ottoman Divans

Sayonara dust!

Forgotten socks. Toys. Spare bedding. Shoes. And bags of things we can’t quite bare to chuck out. The list of what we shove, hide, and tuck away under our beds could go on forever. But it’s the balls of fluff, the layers of dust, scrunched-up tissues, and one sock intent on casting itself in the great escape, that find their way under our beds to join our hoard that we could all rather do without.

Cue our range of Ottoman Divans – beautiful on the outside, and super-spacious on the inside. Plus, when you think how many of us use the space under our beds as storage, you won’t be surprised to learn these ottomans are our best sellers. We’re not lying when we say they’re great. That’s because, here at Sueno, we’ve all been there – we’ve lost that elusive sock, our kid’s cherished comfort toy that’s the difference between a peaceful night’s sleep and a broken one, and we’ve battled against dust balls the size of Ostrich eggs. But thanks to our ottoman bed with mattress, we don’t have to dust ourselves down when we need to search under our bed anymore.

Now, it’s just a simple – and effortless, thanks to the gas struts – manoeuvre, and we’ve raised the mattress to reveal the cavernous space beneath. It’s great for storing extra bedding, shoes you don’t always want to wear, or those Airfix kits you made with your dad when you were ten. And the best bit is none of it’s covered in that fluffy layer of dust.

Ottoman Divans - Up, Down & Inside




So, take a look at our ottoman divans and see what you’re missing out on. Configure how you want your under-bed storage compartments to be like, and add on a headboard for a little extra. When you make the move to one of our ottoman divans, we’re pretty sure you won’t miss those dust traps.