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Myth Busting Your Mattresses

Here at Sueno, our handcrafted Mattresses are our pride and joy, and our focus is on producing the highest quality products, for your comfort. With our collection of Mattresses, there is a fantastic choice of products, but we know that with such a wide array to select from, it can be difficult to pick your perfect mattress, so we have gone some of the way to break down the difference for you. Here are our pointers on two of our favourite styles of Mattress.

Memory Foam Mattresses

This is the classic, high quality mattress which has stood the test of time to become one of the most popular pieces in the bed world. Constructed from the best materials, alongside the finest foam for the ultimate comfort, this is a mattress for those who like their mattresses on the softer side.

Memory Foam Mattresses provide a close alignment to your spine, offering great support for your body as you sleep. Traditionally, Memory Foam Mattresses are heat sensitive, and as a result can warm the body while you sleep. However, Sueno’s range of Memory Foam Mattresses are composed of five bespoke layers, including a ventilated border that incorporates 3D Air Flow Fabric to provide a more comfortable experience.  

Fit for an Emperor

One of our favourites from our Memory Foam range is the Emperor Super Deluxe Mattress. With its stunning upholstered silk fabric, combined with 6cm of High density VISCO Memory Foam, and 15cm of Firm Blue Cool Posture Support Foam, this offers the ultimate in comfort and stability.

Pocket Spring Mattress

Perhaps seen as the new kid on the block, Pocket Spring Mattresses offer something different to the landscape. With a firm and supported structure created by the use of up to 3,000 small springs which have been placed in fabric pockets all over the mattress, and hand-stitched side panels for added strength, this luxury option brings a heightened level of quality and comfort to the classic spring mattress.

It is this construction that makes your bed more springy, and perfect for those of you who tend to toss and turn in your sleep, with ubiquitous comfort all over the bed, regardless of where your weight is placed. This is perfect if you share a bed with someone who moves about in their sleep and/or is a different weight to you! Sueno's Pocket Spring Mattresses are available in a choice of tensions, a perfect fit for your preference.  

Sleep like Royalty

Enjoy the comfort of cashmere with our ultimate Pocket Spring Mattress, the Monarch 3000. With a stunning 3000 springs, delightfully divided into a sea of separate pockets for the ultimate in sleeping stability, and filled with Lambswool and cotton, this is a Mattress of the highest quality. Hand-stitched panels offer durability, while fitted side vents allow much needed ventilation and breathability.

So, following our touch of insight into the world of mattresses, we hope that we've managed to provide more answers than questions! It is always best to do your research, and to find out exactly what the right fit is for you - this could be one of the most important decisions you make this year!