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How Minimalism Can Help You Sleep

Minimalism is the movement of reducing the number of things you own and buy, with the aim of feeling lighter, happier, and having time to spend on the things you enjoy. Decluttering and re-assessing what you really need can help you to take back control of your finances and feel a sense of freedom from the fast-moving fashion trends and must-buy items. With all of that increased freedom and sense of calm, can minimalism actually help you get a good night’s sleep? Read on to see what we found out…


When embarking on your journey into minimalism, decluttering is the first thing we would do. Clearing out things that we no longer need, no longer work or things that we simply never wanted. More space and less stuff in your bedroom can increase your sense of calm and re-focus the purpose of the room. After all, if you only go to your bedroom to sleep, your body will naturally begin to adjust to this, making it easier to drift off.

Debt (or lack thereof…)

Another aspect of minimalism is reducing the things that you buy, and only buying the items that you really need. This is definitely a challenging aspect to take on, however, reducing the amount we impulse buy can really help us to take charge of our finances and reduce any credit card debt that might have built up.  If you’re struggling, visit Project 333 to learn how you can reduce your wardrobe to just 33 items without anyone noticing! Remember, less credit card debt means less time spent worrying and more time spent sleeping!

Doing What You Love

Finally, minimalism teaches us to appreciate what we already have and spend more time doing the things we love. Spending time with friends and family or taking up a new hobby that we’ve always wanted to try will give us a sense of satisfaction when our heads hit the pillow. Sweet dreams!