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Mattresses - Helping You Choose

Mattresses never last forever. Over time current mattress will begin to lose its comfort & performance. Whether it be due to the kids jumping on your bed or that you have never thought a replacement, it is merely a matter of time. If you are at a stage where you are looking for a new mattress, hopefully this blog post can help! There are several things you should look for a in new mattress, it is important to get the right balance of performance that suit you and/or your sleeping partner.

To get started here's a statement: Mattresses are not all the same. For instance, a memory foam mattress is different to a pocket sprung mattress. Pocket sprung mattresses may include additional memory foam layers perfect for 'outer' feel but may not suit the climate in which you live. A pocket sprung mattress is not the only solution in providing suitable rigidity either. There are memory foam mattresses within our catalogue that provide a suitable level of rigidity through the internal mattress materials used.

That said: The most important thing to consider is your physical needs. A great mattress is one that provides both comfort & support.

Support: This is achieved through the inner structure, materials used & build of the mattress. It is important to appreciate the support needs for your (and your sleeping partner's) specific body weight. So it's best to think about one's body weight & shape, as well as the body shape of your sleeping partner.

Comfort: To qualify this, imagine you had either a memory foam mattress or a pocket sprung  mattress that suited your body weight & shape (and that of your partner). Ticking our first criteria. You, however, find that during the night your sleeping environment becomes too hot, you toss/turn often & you constantly wake up with numbness in your body's extremities. This is where comfort plays an important part in the overall quality of a mattress. Comfort is generally dictated by the outer layers/covers of a mattress. Make sure you seek advice on the best mattress options available to you before purchasing.

Please note: If you or your sleeping partner have any critical needs include skin conditions, physical rehabilitation, chronic aches & pains these must be taken into consideration. Our advice here would be to seek advice from the mattress retailer on your best options.

Aside from the physiological performances of a mattress there is also one of pure economics. As with anything these days, the best performing mattress can attract a price premium. At Sueno we believe that “a mattress is one of the most important investments you can ever make” with us spending approx. a 3rd of our lives sleeping/resting on one. Based on this theory prices could be are declared  negligible. That said one should not be ripped off either. We recommend investigating the market thoroughly prior to purchase as there are some great deals out there. Here's our plug: Why not view are great range of Healthopaedic Mattresses, the same high-street mattresses but guaranteed to be the cheapest anywhere & online. OK plug over, back to the issue of supporting your choice in mattress.

Price: Know your budget range before you start browsing any mattress retailer. Your budget should allow for flexibility of choice. The buzz word "Cheap", often used to entice mattress sales should not override your ultimate goal of getting a mattress with long-term comfort & support.

A closing comment has been mentioned in this post already but for clarity should be defined separately.

Seek Advice: Why not make use of free mattress advice? There is no obligation to purchase in getting a better understanding of what mattress suits your specific circumstance & wallet, you are merely looking for the right information in order for you to make the best possible decision.

Sueno offers such advice: Call us today on 01924 456 330 (We will be happy to help).