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Luxury Pocket Spring Mattresses

Instant coffee instead of real. Acrylic instead of wool. A ready meal instead of a freshly-prepared one. We’re all guilty of taking shortcuts once in a while, but with some things, the shortcut really isn’t worth the bother.

If you’ve ever had the experience of ‘sleeping’ on a crappy mattress you’ll know what we’re talking about. Maybe you found yourself stuck on the M1 a long way from home and realised there was no other alternative than to spend the night in a (*shudder*) roadside hotel. Maybe you fell prey to ‘one too many’ and had to kip on a friend’s ageing sofa. Or maybe you made the bad decision to scrimp on a mattress so you could save a few pennies for the pub. Most of us have been there, and most of us have lived to tell the tale… despite the bags under our eyes.

However, there comes a point in life when enough is enough. Throw out your instant coffee! Suffer acrylic jumpers no longer! Invest in a quality mattress! Make today that day!

Here at Sueno, we’ve made it our mattress manifesto to help bring the people of Britain the best mattresses out there. We’re talking luxury mattresses that will stay with you for years.

Take our luxury pocket spring mattresses for instance. With up to 3000 individual springs encased in their own fabric pockets, these mattresses offer incredible support and comfort. What’s more, because each spring works on its own, our pocket spring mattresses are perfect for two people of differing weights. And with new technologies such as temperature sensitive fabrics, and a choice of soft, medium and firm tensions, they really do work hard to help give you the best night’s sleep possible.

Then there’s our great range of Healthopaedic mattresses. Prices start from just £179 – which, for a luxury mattress is a small sum to pay. The Healthopaedic brand is synonymous with comfort, support and quality. These mattresses maintain their shape for years on end, and offer support for the body in all the right places. The result? An infinitely more comfortable night’s sleep. In fact, once you’ve treated yourself to one of our luxury mattresses, we’re pretty sure you’ll never be faced with the prospect of a night on a friend’s sofa again. After all, once you’ve had a taste of luxury, there’s NO GOING BACK!