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Luxury Bedroom Furniture: Give your bedroom a BOOST!

Clothes strewn on the floor. A hazardous toy car just where your slippers should be. A pile of half-read books ready to topple off your bedside table. Once upon a time you showed your bedroom some TLC, spent time choosing paint, picking out pictures to hang on the walls, and soft furnishings to dress your bed with. We’re guessing once upon a time was probably quite a long time ago. Life has a sneaky way of creeping up on us and before we’ve even realised it, things have got a little out of control. We say ‘little’, we mean ‘a lot’. If this is the case with your bedroom, don’t waste time agonising about how it got to this stage, dive right in and do something about it, with our design-led, luxury bedroom furniture, blanket boxes, that sets the benchmark for style. Why now though? You’ve gone this long surviving in a bedroom that’s far from perfect; you’ve glued that chest of drawers back together at least three times, once more won’t hurt. You’ve only stepped on that toy car 33 times. We see what you’re saying, but wouldn’t life be a whole lot better in a bedroom that was more than just a dumping ground? PLUS, now’s a great time to do it because we’ve got a rather handy little promotion on which means you can:

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So now that you’ve got your excuse to show your bedroom some much deserved TLC, here’s a selection of pieces from our range of bedroom furniture. Bedside tables, chests of drawers, dressing tables and stools, mirrors and wardrobes – they’re all here for the picking…

Bedside tables

A bed without a bedside table is kind of like a chair without a coffee table next to it. OK, but could do better. A bed and a bedside table make the perfect couple – or threesome - if you’re going to splash out and let your partner have one too. When it comes to style, our bedside tables range from Gothic through to French-inspired designs. Veneers, hand carvings, and solid wood are all part of the deal and make our bedside tables really stand out from your average bedroom furniture. So, if you own a copy of Wuthering Heights, have a penchant for Tim Burton films, and rather like wearing velvet jackets, it’s got to be our stunning Frank Hudson Gothic Bedside Cabinet ( It’s a bedside table that’s a little out of the ordinary and for that, we applaud it.

Chests of drawers

Clothes heaped in piles on the bedroom floor isn’t really a great look once you’ve passed the teenage years. Plus hunting for specific items can become a major undertaking. So investing in a decent chest of drawers makes sound common sense. For pure wow, and a soupcon of glam, we love the Frank Hudson Alexandria 3 Drawer Chest. It’s been hand polished, has super-classy dovetail joints, and comes in a choice of colours.


Dressing tables and stools

Some pieces of furniture just ooze sophistication and that’s certainly the case with a classic dressing table and stool combination. While most people struggle to run a brush through their hair and dab moisturiser onto their face before rushing out of the door, you can enjoy getting ready while sitting at a stunning dressing table such as the Frank Hudson Louis XV Dressing Table. A tri-fold mirror, hand carved solid mahogany and the choice of three finishes makes this dressing table seriously impressive.

frank hudson dressing table & chair


Toothpaste around your mouth. A bit of olive stuck between your teeth. A spot that just needs to be seen to. Mirrors are one of life’s essentials – without them, we’d probably all look horrific. So make yourself (and your bedroom) gorgeous with one of our beautiful mirrors. The Frank Hudson Belgravia Mirror is a standalone mirror in solid mahogany and perfect for all sorts of vanity.


Every bedroom needs a good wardrobe – for putting clothes in, and – of course – for children to get to Narnia. For these such activities, you can’t beat the Frank Hudson Vermont Wardrobe. It’s a striking piece of furniture which features selected veneers, a hand carved finish, and great internal storage.