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Know Your Mattresses!

Pocket Spring Mattress


Description: Pocket spring mattresses offer the highest levels of support resulting in a better sleeping posture.

Each spring is individually wrapped responding wherever body weight is applied and reducing overall mattress roll. The majority of these pocket sprung mattresses feature hand-tufting which gives the mattress extra strength and ensures longer lasting comfort. Another feature is the hand side stitching which involves physically putting a 5" needle in by hand through the side of the mattress wall, the needle is fed around the pocket springs at least two rows deep and then pulled back out through the mattress wall at the same point it went in. This 'stitch' will pull the springs back towards the wall of the mattress providing edge to edge support. Hand side stitching runs around the complete wall of the mattress and the number of rows of stitching increases according to the quality and cost.

Memory Foam Mattress

Description: A pressure relieving mattress which conforms to the exact contours of the body, allowing rest in a natural and tension free position. Memory foam mattresses are hypo-allergenic and do not require turning. Memory foam mattresses and divan beds comprise of at least two distinct parts, a soft visco-elastic upper portion and a firmer foam base. When you lay on a memory foam mattress the upper portion will respond to your body temperature assuming a more elastic property. The open cell architecture of memory foam spreads pressure over a much greater distance than a regular sprung mattress, resulting in relief from typical pressure points like the base of your spine. Because memory foam mattresses support your body and helps to keep your spine straight, it promotes a restful night’s sleep free from the usual ailments and aches and pains we so often feel. The thicker the density of the foam mattress, the firmer the mattress, so if you or your partner are of heavy build, make sure you choose a thick enough mattress to support you comfortably. As an added benefit the structure of the visco-elastic memory foam makes it impossible for dust mites to penetrate the mattress. This creates a cleaner and healthier environment ultimately providing the setting for a truly comfortable, therapeutic sleep. It is also ideal for those who suffer from airborne allergies and hay fever, as dust mites are one of the most common causes of allergies within the house.

Open Spring Mattress


Description: Basic support is achieved by a tier of hourglass-shaped springs held together in rows by helical wires. Basic support is achieved by a tier of hourglass-shaped springs held together in rows by helical wires. This type of springing is also used in sprung divan beds. The term 'gauge' refers to the diameter of the spring and how tightly it is coiled. The tighter the coil, the firmer the feel of the mattress, 15 gauge is quite soft with 12.5 gauge being fairly firm in feel. This frame is then placed within the base of the mattress frame and secured with stitching. The frame is filled with a variety of fillings which will differ according to the quality of the mattress. Open-coil mattresses are finally overlaid with more layers of fillings placed on top of the spring unit to create a comfortable sleeping surface. These fillings are secured using either a stitching method called 'micro-quilting' or 'panel quilting' which holds the fillings in place running a stitch across the surface of the mattress in a pattern creating a flat surface, or by 'hand tufting', which involves pinning the fillings at specific points on the surface of the mattress with a long stitch that runs from the surface down through the inside of the mattress to the core of the spring unit, they look like buttons pressed onto the mattress and create a wavy surface.

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