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Kaydian Beds v. Frank Hudson Beds - Deathmatch!!!

Ding ding! Let battle commence: Kaydian v. Frank Hudson

The Sueno office has been split into two camps. Heads are turned to avoid eye contact. Doors aren’t left open for the other person to walk through. N one has put anything in the communal sweet jar for at least a week (we’re dying for a Fruit Salad!). Things are getting bad, and we need your help to settle the score.

Which furniture brand gets your vote – Kaydian or Frank Hudson? Yes, we know – it’s like the Blur v Oasis thing all over again. In the spirit of fair play – and to help you decide – we’ve put together a persuasive argument for each of the brands so you can make an informed decision once and for all. First up into the ring, it’s Kaydian…


They’re northern – HQ in Newcastle. Fresh meat - established in 2004. Plus they’re seriously swanky. Think super-luxe beds with concealed TV compartments, swish upholstery, and the looks of a primped and preened A-lister who’s been in make-up for three hours. In short, Kaydian beds are contemporary, stylish, and have stacks of wow factor.

Take their super-impressive Kaydian Stanton TV Bed for instance. Upholstered in genuine leather, and available in either brown or cream madras leather, it’s just too tempting to resist. In fact, the first thing you want to do when you see it is sweep your hand across it and feel that sumptuous leather finish. Then there’s the hidden TV compartment that rises up by remote control at the foot of the bed, and the curved headboard at the top. Both of which are going to make it pretty difficult to get out of bed. Darn those pesky designers making our lives so hard!

Kaydian. We bow down to you. Your luxury beds can’t surely be beaten. Or can they? Cue…

kaydian stanton tv bed

Frank Hudson

They’re southern – based in High Wycombe. Old school – they date back to World War II. Their furniture is rather classic in style and draws on design elements from different times and places. In short, they’re the complete opposite of the Kaydian range. That’s why the Sueno office is in a bit of a pickle.

Let’s take a look at the Frank Hudson Alexandria bed to illustrate. It’s a solid mahogany bed frame, with hand carved features, and a hand woven cane headboard and foot-end. It oozes style but in an altogether different way from the Kaydian beds range. In fact, even though both brands are certainly at the top end of the furniture market, the two couldn’t be more different.

While Frank Hudson beds hark back to bygone periods of time with intricate designs like the French Renaissance-style touches on the Alexandria bed frame, Kaydian woo you with leather beds with hidden TV compartments. When you put it like that, you can see why we’re so firmly split in two in Sueno HQ. Vintage lovers adore the detail and range of styles that the Frank Hudson beds deliver, while modernists can’t get enough of the sleek and sophisticated offerings from Kaydian.

frank hudson alexandria bed

So what’s your call? Can you settle the debate and sort out where our allegiances should really lie? …there’s a Fruit Salad in it for you if you can!