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Matchmaker: Who’d sleep in a Kaydian bed like this?

Beds don’t come much more luxurious than those stamped with the Kaydian name. We’re talking sleek and sophisticated beds with all the hallmarks of quality manufacturing. TV beds you won’t want to leave for a week, ottoman beds with epic storage space, and leather sleigh beds which are the epitome of first class style. They’re the sort of beds you imagine take pride of place in the best hotels in Mayfair. So if you’re after a bed that’s happy to take centre stage, a Kaydian bed is it. So with a look that's clearly so 'A list', we’ve decided to match our Kaydian beds to the celebrities we think would love them...

Kaydian Stanton TV Bed

kaydian stanton

Real leather upholstery, a deep padded headboard, and space to accommodate an LCD TV up to 32 inches, makes this Kaydian bed a truly indulgent affair. It’s classy and – let’s face it – just a little bit sexy. If we’re picking a celebrity who we can picture lounging about on this sleek and sophisticated bed, it has to be Kate Moss.

Kaydian Windermere TV Ottoman Bed

kaydian windermere bed

This Kaydian bed is perfect for a celebrity who wants a bed that will work hard for them. Not only does this celeb want somewhere super-comfy to rest their head at the end of the day, they also want a bed with great storage space, and the ability to watch TV while lounging in their pyjamas. Let’s just say this celebrity is the sort of person who wants everything – and gets it. With that in mind, we reckon our Kaydian Windermere TV bed would be the perfect match for a celebrity like… Simon Cowell. (Plus, we reckon that storage space will come in handy for all those soon-grown-out-of baby clothes).

Kaydian Rothbury Bed

Genuine ivory leather. A simple, yet sophisticated sleigh design, and Beech sprung support slats – that’s the Kaydian Rothbury bed in a nutshell. It’s a classy number but it doesn’t make a song and dance about it – something not many celebrities can hold their hands up honestly to. However, we’re pretty sure Amanda Holden would look right at home relaxing on this Kaydian bed.

kaydian rothbury bed

Kaydian Eshott Bed

Upholstered in bonded colonial chocolate brown leather, this Kaydian bed has a definite masculine vibe to it. Its sleigh design oozes pure classic style, while the Beech sprung slats offer great support. It’s a bed that would fit in with a variety of interior styles – something that’s at home wherever you put it. With that in mind, we think the celebrity that makes a perfect match for this bed has to be Phillip Schofield.

kaydian eshott bed

Kaydian Bowburn TV Bed

This bed doesn’t just look great – its got top values to boot too. The genuine Madras leather is ethically sourced so you can sleep sound in the knowledge proper regulations have been followed right from the start of the manufacturing process. The deep padded button headboard is perfect for sitting back and enjoying a good book – or sketching some new design ideas, and the hidden compartment for a TV is just the thing for winding down at the end of a busy day. All in all, we think this makes the perfect Kaydian bed for the eco-conscious Stella McCartney.

kaydian bowburn tv bed