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IKEA Size Mattresses

This blog post comments on IKEA size mattresses, when would you need a IKEA size mattress? who can manufacture to your specifications? what are the implications on standard mattress pricing? and more (well hopefully!).

The first point to look at is why someone would be looking for a IKEA size mattress. Well the question can be answered from many angles.

Standard UK mattress sizes differ from European Standard mattress sizes. So if you purchase a bargain-busting bed frame from the like of IKEA who stock standard European Standard sizes (Yes, in UK high street stores) you may be surprise upon delivery to find that your current mattress does not match the size of the IKEA bed you have just received (or built!). Or if you purchase a brand new mattress built to European conventions you would find that you mattress now doesn't fit the sizing proportions of your bed frame. I know, it sounds crazy but this actually happens. The only argument of why IKEA would sell to EU specifications must be production efficiencies. Anyway, let's look at another situation.

Consider that you have moved home or that your teenage child requires his/her own room. You convert the study (Dad banished to the Garage) only to find that his current bed doesn't make best use of the ex-study's floor plan & cupboard door access. Your son's/daughter's bed would usually conform to standard British sizes. The best situation in this case would be to look at custom sizing mattress option that offers an improved compromise between bed/mattress floor space & cupboard/standing access.

The second point is to find a retailer that offers bespoke manufacture direct to the public.

A simple search on Google looking for "IKEA size mattresses" or "IKEA size beds" would render a range of UK online retailers that can deliver to your mattress/bed sizing specifications. Due to the very nature of the mattress retail industry (i.e. no direct relation to a bespoke manufacturing facility) not all businesses are able to deliver to your exacting specifications for target mattress or bed brand. There are however suppliers out there such as Sueno where a greater amount of options are available to prospective buyers. Sueno specialise in Healthopaedic mattresses & Healthopaedic Divan Beds so there is definitely no compromise in quality when defining your ow sizing requirements. Have a look at there website. It's worth a look.

The third & final point is one of cost. To maintain consistency in the post let's keep on the Sueno theme. Sueno offer IKEA size mattresses with as little as a £30 surcharge & IKEA size beds with as as little as £40 surcharge. Bearing in mind the bespoke nature of the transaction such an outlay is understandable. All deliveries conform to standard sizes i.e. Free of charge and an expectation on delivery times can be provided. Sueno are worth a look.

I guess in all instances the best approach is to seek advice from a range of retailers operating within the custom bedstead retail environment. Happy hunting.