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How to Have a Productive Morning

Mornings can be tough, especially in winter when you’re up before sunrise! We decided to claim back our mornings and research ways to make us more productive in the AM. So, take control and learn to tackle mornings like a pro with our guide to having a productive morning…

Get Enough Sleep

Part of the reason we may struggle so much with mornings is that we’re not getting enough sleep. Sleep is essential for our growth and repair, so aiming for 8 hours of sleep a night is key to feeling happy, focused and refreshed in the morning. If you’re finding it hard to get off to sleep, take a look at our previous posts on The Perfect Night Time Routine for a Good Night’s Sleep and Keep Waking Up In The Night? These Tricks Will Help You Get Back to Sleep.

Get Organised the Night Before

Cut down on early morning stress by getting things organised the night before. Think about what tasks you can carry out before you go to sleep – can you pick out something to wear, pack your bag, get lunch ready, even fill the kettle so it’s ready to switch on as soon as you get up? Preparing all of these things the night before will help your morning to go smoothly.

Make Some Time for Yourself

Try to schedule some time for yourself into the morning – whether it’s a quiet ten minutes to sit and sip a cup of tea, or time to squeeze in an active workout. Waking up a little bit earlier to fit in some me-time can help to increase your positivity and productivity!

Make a List

Grab a notepad and pen and make a list of your top 5 priorities for the day and timings on how long each one should take you. Make sure you stick to realistic goals and focus on one at a time until the list is completed. Take regular breaks to keep your brain refreshed and engaged with the task at hand.

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