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Healthopaedic Delivers Sleep Quality

What you really want in mattress is a great night’s sleep.

We all wonder what the secret to a deep contented sleep is. Shrugging off the day and getting a whole night of refreshing sleep sometimes seems like the search for the Holy Grail. With the Healthopaedic range of mattresses and divan beds from Sueno, you might just have found what you have been looking for.

Each Healthopaedic mattress in our fabulous range is designed to create a suitable sleeping environment that promotes consistent, uninterrupted sleep. Take the Healthopaedic Silk 1000 mattress for example; a beautifully cool silk fabric covering a thousand individually pocketed springs and filled with layers hypo-allergenic wool tufts that give just the right amount of lumbar support, comfort and temperature sensitivity.

Another option would be our Healthopaedic Smartcell 3000 mattress with ‘air suspension’ technology; 3000 pockets within pockets, covered in a luxurious damask hypo-allergenic fabric that gives the feeling of floating as the support is spread over every inch of the body reducing pressure points and improving blood-circulation. The Smartcell 3000 is particularly beneficial for couples of different body weights and shapes, providing each, individually, with the adequate support. A 3.5 inch layer of V60 memory foam matched with our patented ‘Smartcell Clima’ thermo regulating fabrics, maintains optimal sleeping temperatures throughout the night.

Healthopaedic Smartcell 3000 Mattress

All the Healthopaedic mattresses, including the ones discussed, are made to order and with deliveries scheduled for 3-7 working days after your order is placed. In addition Sueno does not charge any delivery costs. This means that you will not be able to find the Healthopaedic Silk 1000 mattress, Smartcell 3000 mattress and the Total Comfort 1000 mattress cheaper anywhere else in the UK.

At Sueno, we are proud to be the leading online retailer of Healthopaedic products to the UK market. Expect to find cost savings of up to 50% the prices found on the high street. All with delivery thrown in for free. Throw in our experience of understanding individual customer needs and matching those to the perfect mattress solution and you have a recipe for the sleep you dream of and the dreams you sleep for.

So, while you’re lying in bed tonight, tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable, remember Sueno, we're here to help.