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Healthopaedic Mattresses Benefits

Healthopaedic mattresses has become synonymous with high quality, innovation & value-for money to the UK consumer.

The reason for the brand's year-on-year success is the fresh outlook adopted by manufacturer Highgate Beds in terms of scientific research, cross-industry appreciation & the willingness to push mattress design onwards & upwards. The evolution of Healthopaedic mattresses is incredible. For example: Did you know? Healthopaedic memory foam mattresses are now built using NASA tested memory foam materials that regulate 'through-the-night' temperatures & cleverly assist in reducing mattress pressure points for a superb night's sleep.

One night on a Healthopaedic mattress is all it takes & consumer converts across the UK have been singing praises for a variety of mattress models falling under the Healthopaedic mattress brand.

Typical benefits you will come to appreciate with any Healthopaedic mattress:

Support & Comfort

Innovations in structural design & materials result in mattresses that provide the ultimate in terms of support & comfort. Suitable lumbar support is critical for a good night's sleep & each Healthopaedic mattress has been designed to provide continuous support in different loading patterns including: single sleeper configuration, simultaneous sleepers with different builds & weights, mattress edge loading. In addition, every Healthopaedic mattress offers considerable comfort with a variety of considerations taken into account heat transfer, temperature regulation, skin sensitivity, material performance under different temperatures, pressure point mitigation. This, along with the structure of the mattress, provides the perfect environment for a great night's rest.


With improved sleep comes improved health & rehabilitation. Healthopaedic mattresses have been designed with considerations to joint pain, circulatory problems, insomnia, arthritis, & back pain. A healthy sleeping environment requires reduced lumbar stress & this is what Highgate Beds are ultimately out there to achieve.


Healthopaedic mattresses offer something more than any other mattress brands offer: And that is:-- value-for-money. There should be no reason for you not to get a high quality mattress product at a price you can afford. Healthopaedic mattresses are not sold as being the "cheapest". This would affect the brand. But one should not discount the fact that there are high quality Healthopaedic mattresses available at UK prices you just don't expect. Moreover, online retailers such as Sueno (That's Us!) offer further discounts to high street RRPs with the additional plus of free premium UK delivery.

Healthopaedic mattresses are worth looking into, we all spend more than a 3rd of our lives sleeping on one ;) Be sure to ask for advice based on your needs & budget. We are always here to help.