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Healthopaedic Mattresses

Healthopaedic Mattresses - 2012

Since the start of 2012 our Healthopaedic Mattresses have received fantastic interest from a new & returning client-base.  To say that we predicted this surge in demand may seem a touch arrogant but during years that we have been trading it is clear to see what the  UK public are looking for, and that's Value. We have focussed our efforts on delivering high quality products as cost effectively as we can. These savings are past on to our clients. Our clients also benefit from our our pre/post sales advice & support which further adds to our provision of 'value'. We have collaborated with Highgate beds, manufacturers of Healthopaedic mattresses, to increase the number of Healthopaedic ranges, alter mattress compositions & introduce other services such a bespoke sizing not easily found through other online retailers. We want clients to have the best possible experience when buying from Sueno.

We operate with the principle that product quality is the bedrock on which to build a successful online business. We want our clients to be advocates of the Sueno brand and that can only come with complete satisfaction. Our Healthopaedic mattresses are made from the very best mattress materials by skilled craftsmen with 100s of years collective mattress-making experience behind them. Every aspect of every mattress is meticulously processed to produce market-leading products. Healthopaedic mattresses have rapidly become recognised brand alongside the likes of Silentnight, Sleepeezee, Dreams etc.

We spend at least a 3rd of our lives supported by a mattress and the importance of choosing the right one for you & your circumstances. Our pre-sales support will help you through every aspect of choosing the right one. You will speak to experts that have hands on influence in the manufacturing process. Experts with a wealth of experience in the industry &  knowledge of the performance characteristics & mattress-to-sleeper compatibilities.

Buy a Healthopaedic mattress from Sueno and recognize what true value is. The key to our success in 2012.