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Healthopaedic Divan Beds: A Lowdown...

Everything you ever wanted to know about our Healthopaedic Divan Beds...

Mention the name Healthopaedic and anyone who knows anything about beds will know you’re immediately talking about quality.  In the UK the 'Healthopaedic' brand is a best seller, and it’s a name that is responsible for delivering beds that our customers simply adore. If we have a day where we don’t sell one of our Healthopaedic divan beds, blame our web developers because it’s a day when our website must be down. That’s how popular they are… and here’s why.


With Healthopaedic beds, you’re in control. Forget traipsing around a beds showroom, testing out each and every bed under the scrutiny of an all-too-eager sales assistant (who’d really like to make a pricey sale) and consider opting for a brand that puts you in the driving seat with prices that are surprisingly low.

At Sueno, you decide how you want your Healthopaedic bed to work for you. Take our Smartcell 3000 divan bed for instance. At a price that starts at a very purse-pleasing £390 it’s little wonder our customers really love this one. From well under £500 you get a divan bed base and a mattress that’s been made to match it with built in Smartcell technology. Technology that helps to regulate your temperature while you sleep. If you’re too hot, it helps to cool you down, too cold, and it will help to warm you up (yes it sounds like wizardry to us too, but believe us, there’s no magic or cloak and dagger stuff involved here). As well as helping to regulate your temperature, the Smartcell 3000 divan bed also offers support whatever your body type. That’s because it’s got 3000 (Healthopaedic certainly don’t scrimp) air suspension pockets which all work together to provide optimum support for your body.

But the Smartcell 3000 is just the tip of the iceberg. Delve deeper and you’ll find other gems such as the Cashmere 1000 divan bed. This bed offers the same quality and attention to detail as every bed in the Healthopaedic range enjoys but also features –

  • Cashmere wool fabric that helps to control your temperature
  • A 1000 pocket sprung mattress
  • A deep layer of V60 memory foam to provide great lumbar support

The Cashmere 1000 divan bed is a real steal and starts at just £299, and can be upholstered in your choice of fabric. What’s more, we can even send out fabric samples before you buy so you can be absolutely sure your bed will be just right for you.

Elsewhere, there’s our Healthopaedic Silk 1000 divan bed, and Silk 1500 divan bed. You’ve probably figured out how the ‘1000’, ‘1500’ thing works by now (if not, catch up)… but just to really drum it in, these digits refer to the number of individual spring pockets that make up the mattress. They’re the reason why the Healthopaedic beds are so comfy, yet supportive, and altogether downright great. These two offerings come with mattresses covered in silk. Silk sheets might be a bit dubious in the sophistication stakes but a silk mattress with layers and layers of hypo-allergenic fillings certainly isn’t.


Moving on now to the next beds in our Healthopaedic lowdown, and it’s the turn of the Total Comfort 1000 divan bed and its close relative, the Total Comfort 1500 divan bed. These two feature a unique anti-static, stress-free cover which – as anyone who’s ever felt the force of a static shock when they were least expecting it will appreciate – will come as quite a relief. These two Healthopaedic Total Comfort beds are our best selling memory foam divan beds. With sprung pockets and 56mm of top quality V60 memory foam, they have it all. We’d understand if you never wanted to get out of bed again, they’re that good!

But there’s one last contender for your attention in the Healthopaedic range and that’s the Destiny 1000 divan bed. With a mattress that blends memory foam and reflex foam and wraps it all up in Cool Max temperature controlled fabric, the Destiny 1000 divan bed is an extremely comfortable offering.

So there you have it – a little peek into our selection of best-selling Healthopaedic divan beds. From fabric choice to mattress type, and storage configuration in the divan bed bases to headboard options, we think you’ll agree, you really do get to have a say in your perfect bed.

Ok, so after all this, you may think there’s absolutely nothing else Healthopaedic could pull out of the bag to show off even more. But there is – and it’s a good’un. So here’s the deal – Healthopaedic beds can be made to custom sizes. Yep. Forget standard singles, average doubles, oversized kings. If you need a bed that isn’t your run of the mill size, it’s not a problem. Healthopaedic beds can be made to accommodate European-sized mattresses too (IKEA sizes).