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There are many different causes for a sleepless night, back pain or perpetual insomnia, but many of them can be cured or at the very least mitigated with the use of a high quality mattress that offers suitable lumbar support irrespective of sleeping orientation (preferences). This does not mean that the mattress forces your body position into conforming to its rigidity & flatness but rather it allows (or gives) under certain circumstances to suit the individual sleeper. This reduces contact pressure points & the need to toss & turn to ease numbness or discomfort.

Healthopaedic mattresses are just that. High quality mattresses incorporating the latest scientific innovations with the sole purpose of improving sleep. The pursuit of performance excellence is core behind each Healthopaedic mattress. Suitable lumbar support is a only one element behind each Healthopaedic mattress design.  Healthopaedic mattresses also make use of superior quality memory foam  & other materials that regulate your body's natural heat during the night irrespective of sleepers' physicality or build. This offers considerable health benefit aside from pure sleeping comfort.

What is important to realise is that your body needs to recuperate & rejuvenate itself. This cannot be achieved through interrupted sleeping patterns.

There is an industry saying that "a mattress is one of the most important investments you can ever make", this point can hardly be argues since we are encouraged to sleep one 3rd of each day for a healthy lifestyle. Costs are therefore negligible irrespective of price however you will be happy to know that we offer the best prices of Healthopaedic mattress anywhere in the UK.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights & hello to Healthopaedic. Comfort through science. Find out more about our Healthopaedic products from Sueno.