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Ideas For Furnishing Small Bedrooms

Are you in the process of furnishing your bedroom?

Do you think that your bedroom is very small and that you could have done with a little bigger bedroom for space & storage?

Don’t worry with the right furnishing ideas you can make the best use of your bedroom space. The current economic climate is placing pressure on household budgets & available spend sometimes leaving many with the only opportunity of downsizing to smaller homes with smaller bedrooms. Here are some useful ideas to maximise your limited bedroom space with some interesting beds that offer great value-for-money & innovative storage design.

The centrepiece of any bedroom is the bed, & as that, it should be the very first piece of bedroom furniture you should look for.  There is a fine balance between bed size, bed styling & floor space when furnishing small bedrooms. Divan beds open up the opportunity of using this 'lost area' (under the mattress itself) for storage without affecting a bedrooms appeal. You may question that every bed frame offers storage opportunity underneath the mattress bas but divan beds are different, these 'hide' storage items, clothes, toys with suitable easy to open/close drawers leaving the bedroom looking far neater & less cluttered. Drawer configurations can be defined as you wish i.e. allowing for bedside tables. Here's another advantage: leading divan beds are available with casters (seen in image below) which support easy lateral movement & floor cleanliness. Divan beds of today look elegant, they can be finished off with aesthetically pleasing materials (of your choice) & come in a variety of functional storage configurations to suit any bedroom environment or limitations.

Divan beds describe a combination of both the divan base & a mattress to suit. Each element can be purchased separately however there are online suppliers such as Sueno who offer great 'divan bed with mattress' deals at the similar prices others offer a divan base with storage or a standalone mattress. So its worth investigating some time into what you are able to afford on a tight budget.

Another great innovation within the divan bed range are Ottoman divan beds. Ottoman divan beds have become very popular because its unique design allows its owner to maximise the area under the  mattress because no drawers means more storage space. Ottomans have hydraulic easy-lifting mechanisms to support care-free opening/closing. Accessing the storage area from above helps you sort & store items efficiently.

NOTE TO SHOPPERS: Before ordering your divan beds make sure to have your measurements right. It is best not to guess the size but measure the size of your bedroom and the space available for your divan beds before placing your orders. If a standard UK bed size won't do, retailers like Sueno offer custom size beds to order. Sueno offers divan beds based upon the mattress chosen. Our divan beds are available in the following categories:

  • Memory Foam Divan Beds
  • Pocket Sprung Divan Beds
  • Open-coil Divan Beds
  • Latex Divan Beds
  • Ottoman Divan Beds