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Expert Tips for creating Hygge around the home!

Hygge is a Danish lifestyle craze which is the concept of feeling comfortable and content. It’s connected to the idea that Danes are the happiest people in the world, and ‘hygge’ is the secret to their success and joy!

If this is the case, then shouldn’t we all be trying to create an environment which makes you feel relaxed, at ease and completely content with your life and surroundings?

We spoke with a range of industry leaders to gain their expert advice on how anyone can create hygge around the home. Keep reading to find out their top tips!

Use all the space you have.


Hygge is all about feeling calm and cosy in your environment. An easy way to achieve this is to use all the space that you have to create tranquil seating spots or reading corners!

Vant Wall Panels Interior Decorating Expert, Bee Heinemann, shares her advice on creating Hygge.

‘‘Use the room - If you have a small alcove in the room, make a reading or thinking nook. It will become your favourite spot on a rainy day… or really any day.’’

Add a huge cosy rug.


Something as simple as adding a huge, cosy rug to a space can transform it from feeling cold and empty to homely and comfortable!

Choose something that will feel soft and warm underfoot so you can embrace walking around with no shoes on.

Lauren Haynes, cleaning and home organising expert for Star Domestic Cleaners shared her tips with us for creating hygge with the use of a large rug.

‘‘Add a rug (another word for feet's heaven). Whether your floor is already covered, a rug can always bring more style, colour and softness. Available in different shapes and colours - rugs will definitely reward your tired feet and make your bedroom cosier than ever.’’ 

Music and sounds can help to create Hygge.


It’s not just about the furniture, décor and layout, sounds and smells are just as important to help you feel calm and at ease.

Michael Tyrrell, music therapy expert and founder of Wholetones discussed with us the importance of music when creating a tranquil space.

"While the colours and fabrics you use in your bedroom are important, the aromas and sounds are just as when it comes to creating a great space for rest and relaxation."

Include plenty of throw cushions and throws in the bedroom.


Cushions and throw blankets are a simple way to create a cosy and calm atmosphere. Not only are they comfortable to relax on but they also bring colour and character to your interior.

Johnny Sacha, founder of Sueno, leading distributer in luxury bedroom furniture, discussed with us his tips for creating a tranquil vibe.

"Hygge isn’t just an interior design concept. It’s a lifestyle, and to lead a happy and fulfilling lifestyle it’s vital that you have a good night’s sleep!

Throw cushions and blankets not only add character to a space but they also create a more comfortable sleeping environment and therefore contribute towards a good night’s sleep."

Further tips for creating Hygge at home:

Candles and dim lighting can help to create the right ambience;

Bring nature inside – bring plants, pebbles and stones into your environment;

Get a fire going – fireplaces are the perfect way to create a cosy and warm environment;

Involve different textures – Danes use a mixture of material and patterns to add character and charm to each room;

Banish clutter – although hygge is all about feeling cosy and relaxed, ensure that your space is only filled with objects which you need and chuck out anything which you don’t.

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