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4 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Interior design is highly personal, and everyone has their own unique style – something that we celebrate at Sueno with our custom headboards and large choice of fabrics. However, if you’re looking for some guidance, here are 4 common decorating mistakes to avoid.

Rugs that are too small

A small rug in a large space can actually make that room look smaller. Invest in a large rug that covers a good percentage of the space and ensure at least two legs of your furniture are placed on the rug. You can also create areas in an open plan room by using different rugs – one for the dining area, and one for the living area, for example.

Choosing style over comfort

Style isn’t everything, and the most important thing is that you feel happy and comfortable in your own home. Nothing will stand the test of time like a classic, comfortable piece of furniture. Try to opt for furniture that is both stylish and comfortable, like a well-made sofa or a luxury Chesterfield headboard.


Trying to squeeze too many things into a space can make the room feel claustrophobic. While decorating, go through your things and see if there is anything that you no longer need, then re-introduce each item one-by-one. You may find your room feels lighter and brighter!

Not adding your own personality

As tempting as it is to spend hours pouring through brochures, it is important to make sure your own style doesn’t get lost in your decorating. Try to shop at a variety of places and add personal details that make the room uniquely you.

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