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Custom size mattress anyone?

Big, small, tall, short – we all come in different shapes and sizes, and wouldn't it be boring if we didn't? Here at Sueno, we’re thankful that there’s diversity in everything – it helps to make life just that little bit more interesting. It’s the exact same with our beds, too.

Our custom size mattresses and divan beds are manufactured in-house, and that means we’re able to give you exactly what you’re after when it comes to size. That’s pretty important information when you consider that standard UK bed sizes are different from those of our European counterparts (and yes, that does include IKEA size mattresses).

So, while you might have been pleased with yourself for engaging in a spot of savvy shopping, you won’t be so pleased when you put your European-size mattress on your UK-size bed frame. That’s because, for example, a double-size European mattress measures 140cm x 200cm, and a UK version comes in at 135cm x 190cm. Yep, you can see where the problem lies – 5cm of overhang on the width, and 10cm on the length. And however hard you kid yourself, overhang (just like on a pair of skinny jeans) is never a good look. Bang goes your good night’s sleep.

Thankfully though, all is not lost. That’s because our custom-size beds and Healthopaedic mattresses will get you out of this nightmarish scenario. So, if you’ve already got a European-size bed but you’re in need of a quality mattress to match it in size, our custom-size service will give you what you’re after. Take, for instance, our Total Comfort 1000 mattress. This 1000 sprung pocket mattress can be made to your exact requirements so it’s a perfect match if you’ve already got a European-size bed.

The other insomnia-inducing possibility is that you’ve moved into a home which has an unusual-shaped bedroom or one that’s a touch on the tiny side. If a standard bed just won’t work in the space you’ve got, we’re confident a custom size Total Comfort divan bed will. Cue insomnia relieved – and without the need for pills!

While we’re happily embracing a world of differences, we won’t be budged on quality. So, rest assured that whatever custom size mattress or bed you need, you’ll still get the same quality and performance as you would with one of our standard-size offerings. And that’s a promise.