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Our Cure for the World Cup Hangover



The FIFA World Cup. For some it’s been a chance to enjoy six glorious weeks of near non-stop football, while for others it’s been more of a, shall we say, task to endure. Either way, the World Cup is over, Germany are triumphant and there’s no denying it will be another four long years until it’s back on our screens again.

That’s good news for the England team – plenty of time to brush up on those skills that were distinctly lacking this time round. It’s good news, too, for all the people who suffered TV takeovers, where only football was on the menu.

So, whether you loved or loathed the World Cup, now’s the time to breathe a big old sigh of relief, enjoy whatever you like on TV, and get your life back to something with a semblance of normality. Wondering how? Read on… 

The long-suffering girlfriend/wife/partner of a football fanatic 

You kept quiet (or you did after the first few matches). You endured being shunned to the room with the small TV to catch up on your favourites. You didn't revel in the awfulness of England crashing out of the World Cup. You have done your bit for family peace and now it’s time for your reward: a TV bed. At Sueno, we have three totally decadent Kaydian beds with hidden TV compartments. So while you enjoy the latest episode of Casualty, your partner can lie back and think of England (getting to the final in the next World Cup). The Kaydian range is pure indulgence with padded headboards and the option of Ottoman-style storage space.


The bereft football fanatic 

The stress. The tension. The late nights. You’ve been through a lot in the past six weeks and now’s the time to relax. After all those late night pub visits, it’s time to start looking after yourself again. Your World Cup hangover cure is a Healthopaedic mattress. These handmade mattresses feature the best in sleeping technology. Choose from hand tufted, pocket sprung mattresses with a wide range of comfort and support levels, and a choice of fabrics. A luxury mattress from Healthopaedic will help nurse you back to health and have you ready for the ups and downs of the upcoming football season.

Healthopaedic mattress

The ‘World Cup what World Cup?’ person 

Football? What’s that? You had zero idea there was even a football tournament going on. Congratulations – your obliviousness has stood you in good stead. You saved a load of money from not going down the pub, not indulging in takeaways and TV dinners. For that reason you should treat yourself. Really treat yourself. Lord it up in one of our Frank Hudson beds like the Louis XV bed – after all, football didn’t exist in the 1700s either did it?