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How to Create a Winter Ready Bedroom

The cold is starting to set in and it’s time to prepare your home for the winter chill. The early mornings and late nights are often the coldest times of the day, so it makes sense for you to prepare room you spend those hours in first!  Read on to learn how to turn your bedroom into a cosy winter sanctuary that you can’t wait to get back to…

Warmer Bedding

You may have started to notice that your duvet isn’t quite up to the job of keeping you warm on these chilly winter nights. Treat yourself to a thicker tog or down duvet and add a comforter or throw to keep you nice and toasty during the night. Winter is also a good time to throw your bedding into the tumble drier to help plump it up – there’s nothing better than sinking into some fluffy bedding on a cold winter night!

Winter Bed Linen

Whether you decide to go for full-blown novelty Christmas bedding, or something subtler, changing up your bedding can go a long way to getting you into the winter mood. Look for brushed cotton or flannel varieties to keep you warm and snug, and choose from faux fur or chunky knit throws to stay on-trend.

Cosy Accessories

Add a touch of hygge to your bedroom by choosing some seasonal scented candles, fairy lights and a nice bedside lamp – this soft lighting will not only help you feel cosy, but can also help your mind to unwind before you go to sleep. Consider adding some thicker curtains to keep the room nice and warm, and bring the outside in by incorporating some nature into your new winter décor. Adding little details such as a winter reef to your door can help you embrace the cold weather!

Toasty Pyjamas

Treat yourself to some cosy pyjamas and slipper socks to avoid that dreaded morning chill! Perfect for cold evenings and lazy weekend mornings, a pair of cosy pyjamas or a warm dressing gown are a must for the winter months.

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