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How to Create a Beautiful Bedroom in a Studio Apartment

Recently moved into a studio space and struggling to create a cosy bedroom area? We put together our top tips on how to create a sleep sanctuary in an open space. Read on to learn how to utilise dividers, rugs and lighting to create your ideal space…


Split your space up and add some privacy with curtains or dividers. This can even be done with an open bookshelf, giving you both a storage solution and a space structure. Curtains and dividers are an affordable and non-permanent solution and can be moved around if and when you decide you need a change!

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Separate your open space into different function areas using large area rugs. A space can be visually split up into separate sections using different coloured rugs and well laid out furniture. Choose from large or small area rugs to identify each space and select a particularly warm rug for the bedroom. Think about what sort of rug you’d like to step onto when you get out of bed in the morning!

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Every bedroom should have bedroom lighting, whether it’s in an open plan space or not. Create ambience in your bedroom area with bedside or floor lamps. Soft lighting combined with tactile rugs and room dividers will create a cosy sanctuary for your bedroom. If possible, opt for lamps with dimmer switches so you can control the lighting in this section of your space.


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