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Making Your Bedroom Cosy for Autumn

Although summer is still very much in the air, we have started to think about autumn arriving. When the nights start drawing in and evenings get colder, there is nothing more important than having a cosy bedroom to snuggle up in. Therefore, we looked into creative ways to add an extra cosy touch to your bedroom.

Arrange your pillows

The way your pillows are laid out on the bed can take it from flat and boring to snuggly and inviting in just a few minutes. We like to prop our pillows up vertically when we make the bed in the morning, and add a few extra decorative cushions in the centre.

Add a rug

As the weather gets colder, it’s harder to force yourself out of your warm bed and into a cold bedroom. Adding a warm rug to step out on can transform your morning experience and keep you feeling cosy for longer.

Add String Lights

Add a touch of hygge to your bedroom with some glowing string lights. These can be arranged on your headboard or placed underneath your bed to create some lovely cosy lighting.

Throw on some extra warmth

Adding a warm throw or runner to the end of your bed looks stylish and will give you that extra bit of much needed warmth. We love quilted or chunky cable knit throws to give that cosy look.

Create Cosy Lighting

Warm lighting can do wonders for our circadian rhythm. The blue light we get from our computer screens and phones all day can cause us to stay awake, so creating a warmly lit room will help us to relax. Add lamps, dimmer switches and candles to achieve that relaxed vibe.

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