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Clever Space Saving Ideas for Your Bedroom

With landlords renting out flats that have to be accessed on all fours, bedrooms that feature beds balanced on top of wardrobes, and grown adults opting to sleep on cabin beds, space is clearly at a premium. So, if you’re living in a space that’s only marginally larger than a postage stamp, consider trying your hand at some of our clever space saving ideas for your bedroom. Here goes…

Look uP↑

If you can’t bear to swap your books for a Kindle, you’ll need to get savvy with your storage. Turn an old ladder into a simple bookshelf by turning it on its side and fixing to the wall above head height. Keep the paint splatters – it all adds to that industrial feel. If there’s any space left over, you can always hang clothes from the ladder too. Double whammy.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Look up!

G-E-T. O-R-G-A-N-I-S-E-D.

If fashion is your passion but space is hard to come by, you’re going to have to get super organised. First off, try hooking can pulls over your hangers – by doing this you can create extra space to hang clothes without ramming out your clothes rail all at one level. Use shower curtain hoops on a hanger to store all your scarves in one place, and always make maximum use of dead space like the back of doors.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Organisation!

underBED Storage

While some go to such great lengths as rigging up beds that can be pulled down from ceilings, we think a simpler option is the Sueno Ottoman bed. No sophisticated pulley systems, no slight doubt that you’ve remembered to secure everything in place – just cavernous storage space with a simple lift of the gas-lift struts. Plus, with 35 upholstery fabrics to choose from, you get to make sure it matches your room just perfectly.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Ottoman Beds

GO DOwn↓

If you’re happy wielding a drill and various other DIY paraphernalia, it could be in your interest to dig a little deeper than surface level. We’re talking secret underfloor storage cubbyholes that fit snugly under your floorboards. It’s a great way to keep prized possessions out of sight – just don’t forget to take them with you if you move.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Under floor Cubby Holes

Fold ʇı

If you need space in your bedroom to work but there’s just zero room to fit a conventional desk or table, get busy with some hinges and wood. By doing this you can create a work area that neatly folds away so that it's almost flat against the wall when not in use.

Small Bedroom Ideas - folding desk (open)  Small Bedroom Ideas - folding desk (closed)

Double up. Double up.

Just like the Sueno Ottoman Bed that offers storage space and a place to rest your head, invest in furniture that works hard for you. Vintage trunks are great to store shoes in and are perfect as seating too.

Screen it

Wardrobes can be clunky, oversized, and just too big for many a small bedroom – so don’t use one. Instead, screen off an area of your room with either a wooden screen, or a curtain, and store your clothes on rails behind it. Cheap, stylish, and brilliant in small spaces.

Small Bedroom Ideas - wardrobe screens