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How to Choose the Perfect Mattress

We all know how important a good quality mattress is for our sleep and overall health, but with so many options out there it can be difficult to know which mattress is best for you. We put together a guide to help you decide on the perfect mattress.

Pocket Spring Mattress

A pocket sprung mattress is one of the most popular types of mattress. The mattress contains springs in individual fabric pockets, meaning each spring moves independently and can provide more support overall. This type of mattress is ideal for two people as it caters to two different weights easily.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses mould slightly to the shape of your body when you lie down. Depending on your preference, this type if mattress is great for people with back pain as it will automatically align your spine when sleeping on your side.

Latex Mattress

A latex mattress contains layers of latex foam with springy qualities that give extra support to the body. This material is also breathable so is perfect for a sleeper who tends to get too warm. In addition to this, latex mattresses are a good option for people with asthma or allergies.


The firmness of your mattress is very subjective to your own personal comfort preference. Some people prefer a softer feel to the mattress whereas others prefer a hard feel. However, the optimal firmness for you may depend on your sleeping position…

Sleeping Position

Whether it’s your back, stomach or side, the position you sleep in can make a big difference to the mattress you choose.

For example, if you usually sleep on your side you would be best to choose a mattress with a firmness between soft and medium, as a mattress that is too firm won’t mould correctly to your body when you sleep on your side.

Those who sleep on their backs will need a mattress with a higher level of firmness – a mattress that is too soft will create uneven pressure points and may worsen back problems.

If you sleep on your stomach it is important that the mattress you choose allows you to lie completely flat. This means that support should be even throughout the whole mattress.

“Choosing a mattress suitable for your specific needs online can be daunting. It is an investment in your long-term health and well-being and therefore we encourage all Sueno customers to contact the Sleep Team who will be able to advise you on the phone on the most appropriate mattress for your specific needs & circumstance. Sueno can also bring the showroom to your home with our ‘try before you buy’ service where customers can try any of our mattresses in the comfort of their own home and decide based upon touch and feel.” Johnny, Sueno