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Catherine Collins: Make Your Home Beautiful and Soothing Inside and Out

Those who aim to remodel their home in the most beautiful and soothing manner need to know one thing. Your home is a homogenous entity and failing to tend to any of its aspects will inevitably lead to failure. An impression made by a flawlessly decorated hallway and living room can be ruined by a bland or unimpressive driveway and the exterior of the home. Moreover, a beautiful garden doesn’t mean much if the interior of your home is in a ruinous state. With this in mind, our guide will focus on putting your home in harmony by dealing with its décor both inside and out. Here are several suggestions.

Choose the right palette

Before you start decorating, you need to ask yourself one question. What kind of impression do I want my home to make? There are many ways in which you can achieve the sensation of Zen inside of your home with colours ranging from maritime blue to subtle pink, for those who want to add a touch of aggressive red to their overall calm design. Shades of grey are always a popular choice and are easy to combine with any other furniture you choose to go with.

On the other hand, when it comes to the design of your living room, you might want to take a different approach. Those who have only slide-doors separating their living room and their garden might try to make it all appear as a single extended area. Therefore, the palette you want to turn to should consist of a bit more earthy tones, like Etruscan red or chartreuse.

Tech-free bedroom

When it comes to the idea of rest and relaxation, no area of the house is more important than the bedroom. Why? Well, because this is the place where your day both begins and ends. One of the ways to make your bedroom completely unique is to make it a technology-free zone. Think about it, the TV is already a focal place in your living room, while most people can’t imagine going to a bathroom without bringing their smartphone. Therefore, if you need to have a place that is going to be your own getaway from the high-tech world of 2017, it should definitely be your bedroom. This is where you should draw the line.

Taking your home outdoors

Finally, during the warmer part of the year, you might want to consider bringing your entire household outdoors. Some people achieve this by taking their daily naps in the outdoors hammock, hanging out on the patio instead of in the living room and even installing an outside kitchen. Not only will this bring you one step closer to rekindling your long-lost connection with nature, but it will also make your impression of your property completely unique.

Another positive side to this thought lies in the idea of showing your kids that the outdoors is not just something they look at through the window while playing on their computer. Install a fire pit to give them unforgettable experiences of roasting marshmallows as a family and this is something they will never forget. This could also give you a unique chance to meet your guests in a more pleasant and soothing environment, thus making their every visit completely different from anything they were previously accustomed to.

At the end of the day, the greatest effort this requires is for you to change the way in which you perceive your home. Once you stop seeing walls as real barriers, a whole new world of options, combinations and outside-of-the-box ideas will appear in front of your eyes. Only this will allow your home to unleash its full potential.