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Catherine Collins: French Interior Design for the Bedroom

6 Tips for Incorporating French Interior Design into Your Bedroom

The French are known fashionistas; who can forget their signature berets and scarves? Well, their style doesn’t stop at their closet. They also have a knack for decorating their homes in a way that has the whole world going crazy. No matter whether it’s clothes or interior design, everything they do is well thought-out, but somehow, they always make it look easy. So, here’s how you can incorporate French design into your home.

The colour palette

French interior design will give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to the colour palette for your bedroom, living space or kitchen. If you want to create a calm and romantic feel, you can opt for neutral colours such as white, taupe, light grey, soft blue and green. Choose a neutral headboard to compliment your colour palette. However, if you wish to be a bit bolder, you can go with emerald green, peacock blue and different shades of red. Choosing a bold piece of furniture to your bedroom to create a focal point, like the Duke Chesterfield Bed. The colour palette pretty much depends on your personality, nothing’s forbidden in French design.

Soft fabrics

If there’s one thing that most of the French old-fashioned homes have in common, it’s Toile. Toile is a fabric, usually beige, cream or white, adorned with repeating patterns or pictures of French sceneries and busy streets. Another thing that can be seen in French houses, especially in the country-style ones, is fabrics with rural and animal themes. You can often see farm animals (usually roosters) stitched onto towels, cushions, tea towels and aprons.

Forget about the wardrobe

You know those huge walk-in wardrobes you can see in Hollywood movies? Well, French homes very rarely have such expansive wardrobes. The French usually have armoires that stand freely in the room – with drawers, shelves and hanging rods. They are usually intricately designed and can be used as beautiful decorating pieces. You can place one in your bedroom to store your clothes or in the bathroom for linens and towels.

French decor

If you want to achieve that beautiful French country style home look, you don’t have to overdo the decoration. A few antique pieces, second-hand chests and vases and old candle holders will do the trick. Another great way to achieve a subtle French country style is to introduce woven baskets into your space. They both look amazing and are great for storage.

French style interior design often involves displaying garden herbs and field flowers. You can try making simple bouquets yourself, and don’t throw them out as soon as they get dry. Dry flowers tend to have a very rustic look, plus you can later turn them into a bowl of aromatic potpourri.

Get a statement piece

Even if you want your interior design to be modest, you should try to embrace at least a little touch of drama and luxury. You can opt for heavy silk drapes or an oversized mirror with a rich gilded frame. If these are not your style, then a stylish French chaise lounge will certainly do. These accent pieces will add a bit of flair to your home and make it look bold and chic.

Be unique

The secret to French interior design lies in combining the old with the new. This way, you can set the bases of the design and still make the space look and feel personal. So, the French design is very bold and up-to-date, but also very intimate and quirky, and every French home is unique. However, in order to pull off this interior design style, you need to have a clear vision before you start decorating.

Even though the French have given up the 19th-century elaborate decoration, they still prefer their homes to be stylish and chic. You can use these tips and tricks to decorate your home in a French style and feel like a true Parisian.