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Is big always best when it comes to your bed?

Everyone Wants a Big Bed

It is almost seen as a status symbol to own the largest bed possible. Being able to fully stretch out when your awake or asleep, regardless of whether it’s just you or you are accompanied in the bed, is a comfort that all should experience. But can it be possible that there’s such a thing as a bed that’s too big for you, and should you really be sleeping on a single?

Over the years, there have been some truly decadently large beds in the public eye, from former NBA basketball player Shaq O’Neal’s vast circular contraption, to Henry VIII’s fancy four-poster, and, who could forget the world record attempt in Holland from 2011. With this in mind, size always plays on the mind of the bed owner, but it’s a delicate balance when making sure a bed doesn’t dominate a room. So how do you work out what’s right for you?

The Science of Size

The Sleep Council have suggested that the ideal bed size is one that is around 15cm longer than your height. They also advise, that if you are sharing a bed, you can check to see if you have enough space by laying down next to your partner with both of you putting your hands behind your head. While doing this your shoulders should not touch, if they do, then the bed is really not big enough for the two of you.

This follows reports suggesting that the size of your bed can affect the quality of your sleep, and that with two people sharing an average double bed, they have less space than a child in a standard single bed. With this in mind just what are the options available?

Make Your Mind Up

Beds here at Sueno, range from the compact but practical Small Singles all the way through to the spacious Super King-size, which is over double the width, and a luxurious 10 cm longer. When picking out a bed, it is essential to also consider just who is going to be sleeping in it. An adult bed could be dangerous for a child, as they can potentially get hurt sleeping on a bed that is too large for them, while by folding your frame into a bed that’s just too small it could result in lasting health issues, as a result of poor quality of sleep. Alongside this, if a bed is squeezed into a room, it can have a negative effect of the quality of its occupant’s sleep.

With this in mind, when you’re adding that new centre-piece to your bedroom make sure to consider all of the options available. If possible pop in and stretch out on some options in person, and always take measurements, you want to be able to get into your room, don't you?!

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