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Stanhope Upholstered Bed v. Brahms upholstered Bed

At Sueno, we’re used to testing out the most luxurious beds on the market whether it be our own or one of our suppliers' newest beds. If you visited us at Sueno HQ, you would probably find us lounging around on beds, tweaking & refining so that our customers, for instance, find our upholstered headboards super-luxurious to sit against. That's just one example & all in the name of research. Honest! So when we were asked to put two of our newest upholstered beds in a ‘head to head’ against each other to see which one would be crowned the ultimate upholstered bed 'champion of the world', we jumped at the chance to get testing under way.

So, ding ding, up first, it’s the …


Sueno Stanhope Upholstered Bed

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Upholstered in a luxurious chenille fabric – which comes in a range of colours – this bed oozes comfort and relaxation. It’s the sort of bed you’d imagine an A-list celebrity having in their plush bedroom in Mayfair. Sophisticated, classy, and – dare we say it – rather sexy, the Sueno Stanhope is the king of upholstered beds.

The sleigh design is timeless, and the button detailing adds that classic ‘Chesterfield’ look to the piece. Furthermore, the solid frame, Beech sprung support slats, and stained black legs all ensure that it’s not just good looks it’s got going for it – but quality and solid construction too.

All in all, with quality craftsmanship at every turn, and a price that’s £800 less than the RRP (so that’s £1199 for a double bed) it’s very hard to find any negative points about the Sueno Stanhope upholstered bed.

Ding ding, Round 2, introducing the challenger, hailing from the same home town of Sueno...


Sueno Brahms Upholstered Bed

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So, at first glance, the main difference between the Brahms and the Stanhope has to be the upholstery design. While the Stanhope rocks the traditional Chesterfield look, the Brahms has a more understated modern ‘stripe’ finish. This look is achieved by hand, using stitching and bold nailhead trims to complete the feature. The end result is an upholstered bed that’s so tempting you’d have to be a saint not to lie back and relax.

As with the Stanhope, the Sueno Brahms Upholstered Bed also comes in a choice of quality Chenille fabrics in shades such as olive green and fudge velvet. In terms of upholstered headboards, you’d have to search long and hard to find one you’d rather enjoy reading the Sunday papers up against.

That’s the aesthetics side of things all sewn up, so what about the ‘inner workings’ of the Brahms upholstered bed? Well, of course, this being a Sueno bed, it goes without saying that it’s top of the class when it comes to construction. The bed frame itself is made from a solid hardwood mix and is topped off with solid metal bar and Beech sprung slats so it’s certainly built to last. The legs, meanwhile, are a curved ball design and stained to a rich black tone so that they’ll look perfect with whatever type of fabric you choose.


The all important verdict

It’s a tough one – but if the Sueno Stanhope is the king of upholstered beds, then the Sueno Brahms is going to have to assumed the king-incumbent position . It's a tough one, a tie is a fair result. We actually love them both and with the same price points, same great choice of fabrics to choose from, and the same attention to detail, it would be unfair to place one higher than the other.